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Calendario Nintendo Switch #18: micro-recensione Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory

For the Immaculate Conception, the Nintendo Switch Advent Calendar “puts its heart into it” in the Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory mini-review

We didn’t do it on purpose, but on the occasion of Feast of the Immaculate Conception we found ourselves describing the feats of the greatest videogame Messiah: we are here to rewrite, this time in pills, a review per Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory. At the writing of the article, the game remains between a rock and a hard place: it is appreciated in a different way on Switch, as the only (offline, at least) access to the imaginary that marries East and West. And it’s a shame, because looking at it for what it is, one of the best (or, for the writer, the best) emerges rhythm game for the console.

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory, eighth review of the Nintendo Switch Calendar

There’s not much to write home about beyond the potential to further expand the ‘explorable’ worlds with some DLC. Be that as it may, even from a narrative point of view the game remains unquestionably excellent springboard for newcomers (with the price to pay of ruin the ending of all the previous chapters). As for the gameplay, in every type of stage the constant is our sense of rhythm, with challenges mostly contextualized as “fights” in which the protagonists of the saga hit the enemies in time with the music. And what music, one might say!

Usually we don’t dwell on the music when it comes to rankings or other types of bare-bones reviews, but for Yoko Shimomura, an exception is always made. Leaving aside the fact that we will see her again in other placings between now and Christmas, it rarely happens that a single mind is responsible for more than 90% of the songs of the IP that made her most famous. Imagine, therefore, how unique the occasion is literally playing with his creations. There’s also the museum-like celebratory aspect that makes this title memorable, but (despite a lack of “Grillario” for good and bad) what convinces us to scrap the penny is, appropriately, the music itself. Happy Immaculate!

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