Forspoken: a new gameplay and a demo coming soon?

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We will soon have the opportunity to see new Forspoken gameplay and, according to some rumors, we will probably also have a demo available soon

Forspoken, a Square Enix title, has been talked about since the first moment and since it was presented as Project Athia. After the title change and after an unpleasant postponement, today we are still here talking about it and, soon, we will probably also be able to try it. The game was available for testing during the Milan Games Week but the gameplay trailer will be shown Friday 9 December could herald the very arrival of one Forspoken demos.

Forspoken: will a gameplay trailer announce the demo?

As mentioned a few lines “ago”, one could soon arrive Forspoken demos, following the gameplay trailer that will be presented tomorrow, Friday 9 December. News that comes directly from the twitter page of PlayStation. Also from a twitter page comes the rumor relating to the consequent release of a demo. It was reported by the leaker Renka_schedule who promptly managed to capture a decidedly interesting image. Let’s take a look at the double twitter in question:

As you can see we have, below the tweet announcing tomorrow’s gameplay and, above, a tweet from PlayStation Japan which after a few minutes was removed announcing its own the release of the demo. A very interesting news, therefore, considering that, after the much chatter around this game, a demo to make us better understand what title it will be about definitely fits perfectly. However, we are awaiting further announcements and news, perhaps even during the long night that awaits us on The Game Awards theme. Let us know, with a comment, what you think!

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