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Call My Agent – ​​Italy: the trailer of the new series

Call My Agent – ​​Italy: the trailer of the new highly anticipated series has been officially released by Sky

Well yes, you really got it right! A highly anticipated new series is coming, launched by Skywith the title of Call My Agent, Italian version. The comedy, remake of the French cult Call my agent!, will debut on Sky and streaming on NOW on January 20th. So get ready, because a hilarious and laughter-filled series awaits, in which we will see the whims of homegrown stars.

Of course, here are some examples: Paula Cortellesi must learn Proto Etruscan to get a part; Pierfrancesco Favino he empathized too much with the iconic role of Che Guevara; Paolo Sorrentinoafter the successes of The Young Pope e The New Popehe has to work on the series The Lady Pope.

These are just some of the crazy (but are they really that crazy?) found that we will see in the Call My Agent- Italy series.

We repeat that the series is registered Sky Original and is a remake of the highly acclaimed French series Ten percent (known with the international title of Call My Agent!). A month after its debut (the comedy will arrive from January 20 with two episodes a week every Friday on Sky Series and streaming on NOW ), Sky has released the hilarious official trailer.

So, no more talk and we put the trailer below!

Call My Agent – ​​Italy: the stellar cast

Michael DiMauro (Studio Battaglia, The crimes of the Glimmer), Sara Drago (The big binge, Jezebel), Maurice Lastrico (Latin America, Loyalty, Don Matteo) e Marzia Ubaldi (The predators, Suburra – The series) interpret the agents of some of the biggest names in the Italian entertainment world. Everyone is grappling with tragicomic problems to be solved in each episode, in an escalation of conflicts. Numerous guest stars: in the role of themselves we will see, in addition to the aforementioned Paola Cortellesi, Paolo Sorrentino and Pierfrancesco Favino, also Anna Ferzetti, Matilda De Angelis, Stephen Accorsi e Conrad Guzzanti to give a hard time to the agents and their assistants. The latter are played by Sarah Lazarus (Doc – In your hands, I wanted to be a rockstar), Francis Russo (The Brilliant Friend), Paola Buratto (Bang Bang Baby). E con He says (Dog years) in the role of Sofia, the receptionist of the agency, ed Emmanuel Fanelli in that of one of the most “extravagant” actresses of the CMA, Luana Pericoli.

Call My Agent – ​​Italy: the plot

The series goes on to discover the behind the scenes of Italian show business from the point of view of those who manage the careers – and lives – of the stars: the agents. Lea, Gabriele, Vittorio and Elvira are the soul of the CMA and give it their soul, ready to do anything to make their stars shine. Managers, friends, confidants and psychologists: a good agent is all of this and more. And they, each with their own style, are the best. Between hectic days and mundane nights, it is their private life that loses out, even if deep down they enjoy themselves too much to notice it. But with the departure of the founder Claudio Maiorana things will get a little more complicated.

The series was written by Lisa Nur Sultan (On My Skin, 7 Women and a Mystery) and directed by Luca Ribuoli (I was hoping he died earlier, The mafia only kills in the summer).

Call My Agent – ​​Italy will tell in 6 episodes the vicissitudes of a powerful entertainment agency and the stories of its partners, grappling with the careers of the biggest stars of Italian cinema, for an ironic and irreverent journey behind the scenes of our showbiz. Indeed, in the Italian version, the actor management agency at the center of the story, the CMA (Claudio Maiorana Agency), moves from Paris to Rome, and so the events, between work and private life, of its charismatic agents and their assistants.

Well, now we just have to wait for January 20th to be able to enjoy this hilarious and highly anticipated series! We can’t wait, can you? As always, if we have more information, we will be the first to give it to you and, in the meantime, don’t forget…stay tuned!

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