Tonor TC30 Plus review: excellent quality at the right price

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In this article we are going to review the Tonor TC30 Plus desktop microphone. Clean sound, ease of use and lots of quality at the right price

Tonor (here to visit the site) is an expert in audio equipment and provides optimal solutions for audiophiles around the world. With this review I will show you the features and functionality of this USB microphone. born with the aim of recording and transmitting your voice accurately and completely without noise or distractions. Like most of the Tonor devices, the TC30 Plus is also plug-and-playso you can create content or go live without worry.

The TC30 Plus is compatible with various software, such as Zoom, Discord, TeamSpeak, Skype. It has a USB socket, plug and play. No other accessories are required, just plug it directly into your computer to get better sound. In a historical period like this, with the advent of smartworking and videoconferencing, there are some accessories that have made their way into our lives more and more forcefully. Among them are the table microphones, who have proved to be faithful workmates and allies in our daily lives. Today I will show you the Tonor TC30 Plus in detail, an economic product but with great reliability and quality.

Tonor TC30 Plus review: excellent quality at the right price

Packaging and unboxing | Tonor TC30 Plus review

The packaging looks good. Small and white, it shows on its surface, in addition to the name and brand of the product with its image, the parent company website with emails for customer support. On the back of the package we find the characteristics of the microphone in various languages ​​(including Italian), and the product code. Inside the package, all the microphone components are placed in a protective casing. That is, we have a cable USB-C for connecting the device, the microphoneil desk stand and the pop filter. Obviously, the instruction manual could not be missing.

Technical characteristics and components

  • Product dimensions: ‎23.5 x 10.5 x 14.2 cm
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium Ion (Type of battery required)
  • Item model number: ‎TC30
  • Colour: ‎black
  • Connector type: ‎USB
  • Platform: PC hardware, console
  • Type of power supply: ‎with cable
  • Item weight: ‎400 g
  • Plug and Play: nessun Driver Richiesto
  • USB Cable Length: 2m
  • Sampling Frequency: 48kHz 16Bit
  • Model: Cardioid polar
  • Frequency Response: 50Hz-20kHz
  • Sensitivity: -32dB+3dB
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 68dB

Plug and Play: with a USB 2.0 data port no driver software is needed add-on or external devices. Ideal for Gaming, Podcasting, Zoom Meetings, Streaming, Skype Chat, Voice Over, etc. The microphone has a pattern of pickup cardioide and an excellent off-axis suppression function, which allows it to capture a more natural sound and suppress unwanted background noise. Easy to install, no assembly required, and you just need to attach the pop filter to the microphone tripod, then you can connect. The microphone is compatible with Windows, macOS e Linux. The upgraded hidden shock mount can effectively reduce the noise caused by the mouse, keyboard, radiator or microphone touch.

Materials, Design and Specifications | Tonor TC30 Plus review

The Tonor TC30 Plus is decidedly compact, and it won’t be annoying and bulky on your desk. Measures just 19cm high and 15cm wide when used with its original stand. Alternatively you can attach it to the classic arms that can also be purchased on Amazon at a low price. It is built entirely in aluminium. To the touch, in fact, it seems very resistant (for the price I would have expected something cheaper). A microphone like this, mind you, will never work miracles or be compared to a top of the range, but I am convinced that it can be suitable for a good 80% of users (where the remaining 20% ​​is represented by professional streamers, recording studios and a few other fields).

The tripod is pretty stable. It has rubber feet which give it a good stability and allow the microphone not to vibrate or move on surfaces. I didn’t particularly like the plastic fixing joints and the microphone attachment support, but you can definitely turn a blind eye. The tripod uses a screw mount with 5/8 thread. It’s not a particular size, but not one of the standard ones usually found in cheaper tripods. So if you want to buy a desk bracket, always check that you have taken the correct one. I really appreciated that there was also a Pop Filter which in most cases is an accessory to be purchased separately. Finally, on the back of the microphone stem is the input USB-C through which you will connect the Tonor TC30 Plus directly to the computer, with the cable included in the package.

The microphone features RGB LED lighting. This is not manageable by any program. The light escapes from the microphone grille and produces a classic but effective “wave” effect!

Tonor TC30 Plus review: excellent quality at the right price

Audio quality

The Tonor TC30 Plus, let’s be precise, it is a condenser microphone. There are different types of microphones on the market, but the most common ones for this type of use are precisely these condenser ones. These allow you to have a good frequency response and are able to give a certain “cut” to the voice. Perhaps the negative aspect of condenser microphones is given by the extreme sensitivity they are equipped with, which is why it is inadvisable to use them without a stand. After various recording tests, I noticed that the ideal distance of use is 30-40 cm from the microphone, so as to avoid annoying natural “peaks” due to the not always constant tone of voice. In any case, I can say that I am satisfied with the quality shown by this product. Especially when compared to other products in the same price range or when compared to the built-in microphones of webcams or notebooks, which this model aims to replace.

In fact, by replacing the audio from a webcam with the TC30, I can say that things have definitely improved. Those who listened to me could hear my voice loud and clear. One advice, is to adjust the microphone volume to 50% -75% and, as previously mentioned, to place it 30 to 40 cm away from the mouth for best sound. I found improvements also in comparison with the TC777. The TC30 Plus cable is detachable, while the TC777 cable is not. TC30 Plus picks up sound at the top of the microphone while TC-777 picks up sound in front of the logo. The optimal use distance of the TC777 is 20-30cm. Instead TC30 Plus is from 25 to 40 cm. Both microphones are suitable for broadcast, podcasting, voice recording. You can choose according to your needs.

Tonor TC30 Plus review: excellent quality at the right price

Conclusions and price

While using and testing this product, I was blown away pleasantly surprised. TC30 Plus presented itself really positively, showing excellent qualities in daily use. The factor that most struck me about this Tonor TC30 Plus, however, beyond the features just described, is the price. In fact it is available on Amazon for only 42.99 euro. A pleasant surprise was also finding the Anti-Pop filter in the package. A negative note, in my opinion, is the incompatibility with phones and Xboxes.

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Plus points

  • Materials.
  • Pop filter included.
  • Prezzo.

Points against

  • Not compatible with phones and Xbox.
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