In Milan a digital zone to celebrate the European Researchers’ Night

A Milano una digital zone per celebrare la Notte Europea dei Ricercatori thumbnail

On the occasion of the European Researchers’ Night 2021, the National Science and Technology Museum of Milan inaugurated YOU & AI. It is an innovative digital environment to be discovered.

The National Museum of Science and Technology for the European Researchers’ Night 2021

On 24 September, in conjunction with the European Researchers’ Night 2021, the Aeronavale pavilion of National Science and Technology Museum hosted a particular event. This is the inauguration of a digital zone called YOU&AI. In addition to this, the Museum also proposed a workshop dedicated to the topic of Artificial Intelligence. Among the many discussions on the subject we find the age-old question of profiling and the change in habits between health, mobility and safety.

The YOU & AI project sees the collaboration between the Museum and the Joint Research Center (JRC) of the European Commission of Ispra. to such a purposeFiorenzo Galli, Director General of the National Museum of Science and Technology, said:

“The project we are inaugurating today is the result of an intense collaboration between the Museum and the JRC. Both share the goal of enhancing the dialogue between research and citizens to build a conscious and critical scientific citizenship. The pandemic has shown us the importance of collaboration between politics, society and science and how relevant citizen participation is. The Museum, in line with European directives, does so through a constant sharing of experiences with the world of research. And it is precisely in this scenario that opportunities and questions arise on the topic of artificial intelligence, a topic we deal with every day in a more or less direct way, and which has led us to create a project like YOU & AI “.

Photos from the presentation event on September 24, on the occasion of the European Researchers’ Night 2021

YOU & AI: the digital zone inside the Museum

YOU&AI it is a digitized area. Within this, visitors, guided by a scientific animator, can personally experience some Artificial Intelligence scenarios of the near future. The system is based on the most innovative immersive and interactive technologies available on the market today. This is an experience suitable for both schools and an adult audience. The Digital Zone consists of three moments:

“What does the AI ​​look like?”, in which an interactive holographic display presents the views of experts and experts on various topics such as technology, health, rights, social justice and ethics, protection of children and citizens, art, philosophy;

“Which side are you on?”, in which the participant immerses himself, with the use of a mixed reality viewer, in four hypothetical future scenarios where AI is used to perform certain functions;

“Can you move into the future?”, where an immersive virtual reality viewer transports the visitor into a simulation set in an imaginary European metropolis of 2030.

Some shots from the YOU & AI Digital Zone, set up inside the National Science and Technology Museum in Milan

European Researchers’ Night 2021: a Workshop dedicated to the theme of AI

The workshop aims to stimulate discussion among the participants and collect the different positions on the topic of artificial intelligence. The methodology used is the one called thinking routine. Furthermore, through the use of digital platforms, participants participate in surveys of various kinds. Users will also be able to try out an algorithm for image recognition. This is a smart way to explore the topic of facial recognition and biometrics. It will thus be possible to analyze the benefits and problems of the applications from an ethical point of view: invasion of privacy, unequal treatment between different groups of citizens, accentuation of social diversity.

Workshop and Digital Zone: how to book?

The Digital Zone will be open to the public on weekends: October 16-17, October 23-24, November 6-7, November 13-14 (as part of the Focus Live Festival), December 4-5, December 18-19 from 10-11 , 12-13, 15-16 and 17-18.

The Workshop will be open to the public on October 16 at 10-12 for teachers on the occasion of the Open day and on November 13 and 14 for the public during the Focus Live Festival from 14-15 and 16-17.

The detailed program of activities with timetables can be consulted at this web address, while for reservations we refer you to the online ticket office of the Museum.