Call of Duty: possible farewell to the annual release of new games

A leaker reveals the possibility of a rethinking of the annual release that has long characterized Call of Duty titles

Gamers, especially the most assiduous ones belonging to the popular Call of Duty saga, are now used to seeing the release of a new title every year. Activision, being at its disposal three studios capable of dealing with creation, including Treyarch Studios, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games, set the release of the various games through a continuous rotation, leaving a three-year development window for each study. The company has taken on this kind of “production chain” since 2005 with Call of Duty 2, and has been able to carry it forward relentlessly for fifteen years. However, according to one leaker, this situation may be about to change.

The leak on the change of the release of future Call of Duty

RalphsValve is the leaker in question, and already author of various indiscretions regarding possible new Call of Duty games, including what should be a future remake of Moder Warfare II, but without multiplayer. He recently tweeted what Activision seems to have questioned development policies of Call of Duty titles, specifically with regard to the annual release that continues to take place against the iconic FPS saga.

If the game really suffered one reprogramming of outputs, we may no longer expect a new Call of Duty every November, thus leading to at least a year’s gap between each release. Some players have taken this rumor with a lot of skepticism, as this type of intervention would put Activision’s profits in conditions of instability.

Still, taking in reference sales data obtained in the UK with CoD Vanguard, it can clearly be seen that the game had a very weak launch. This means that aiming for a development towards a qualitative and quantitative aspect it could do more good than harm the company. Additionally, any lost revenue could be recouped with CoD Warzone, the free-to-play title that is continuing to be a smash hit among online multiplayer. This game, which is constantly supported by various updates, expansions and updates, could eventually cover losses which would involve having to skip a year between the various editions every time, simply by bringing more content into the game.

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