Braun 9 Pro series review: even better

In this article we are going to see the review of the Braun 9 Pro series. A razor that starts from a solid base and that, if possible, is improved once again

As you well know we have already reviewed the top of the range from Braun. In fact, scrolling through our pages you can read the review of the Braun series 9 razor. In this article we will learn about the improvements made on this shaving device that adds some not insignificant details to the already excellent offer of the “smooth” version of the 9 series from Braun.

One might think that the improvements made are minor, but I believe that in reality this new version can make even the eternal undecided choose to choose. Let’s find out about this Braun 9 Pro series.

Let’s discover this razor together thanks to its characteristics | Braun 9 Pro series review

At the level of technology and blades, as one might expect, there are no major changes but we find some additions that once again improve the package.

In fact, we find all the elements that struck us in the basic version of the razor. Elements those already seen that alone are worth the price of the ticket.

Let’s see some specifications of this Braun 9 series

  • 5 shaving elements
  • ProLift trimmer
  • Sonic technology with 10,000 micro-vibrations
  • precision button

As it is easy to see in this short data sheet there are two fundamental changes to the German razor. The first resides in a new system for the improved trimmer that takes the name of ProLift, the second improvement concerns the precision button. This button not present in the previous version will allow us to stabilize (or immobilize if you prefer) the head in order to be able to improve the precision of shaving in places like the neck or under the nose.

A truly Pro accessory

The autonomy of the razor has always been a fundamental aspect of the razor, especially if you travel often for work or for leisure. Braun has seen fit to add a fundamental piece to this concept by innovating the men’s shaving market once again.

Thanks to this 9 Pro series in fact you can have the first PowerCase charging case for shavers in the world.

Imagine you are traveling for some weekend or for an even longer trip. The space in the suitcase is always a sore point but you cannot give up the care of your appearance, especially if you are used to a daily shave. Thanks to custodia PowerCase you can store your razor safely and in which time recharge it. Furthermore, if you have forgotten to charge your Braun 9 series, you can have a complete shave with just 5 minutes of charging. In short, the time of a quick shower and even if the razor is drained, here is the solution.

Also excellent is the possibility of deciding whether to store the razor without the obligation to recharge (the dock must be turned on from the inside) and The slot at the base is also excellent, allowing us to see the state of charge of the razor without having to open the case.

A small flaw lies perhaps in the weight of the dock which is not very light even without the razor and which for obvious reasons becomes even heavier with the 9 Pro series inside.

Even more flawless shaving | Braun series 9 pro razor review

The already high quality of shaving improves even further, In fact even shaving after 3.5 or 7 days is not a problem thanks to the technology made available by Braun through the 9 Pro series.

We tried the razor on a daily basis and the already excellent experience we had with the classic 9 series has been improved if possible. The possibility of tightening the head in position is excellent, allowing us to carefully shave even the most uncomfortable parts of the neck.

The trimmer affixed to the top is simply indispensable. The arrangement of the sideburns or the care of the mustache benefit from this accessory that we really can no longer give up.

We have not had any kind of post-shaving problem and we have not found any redness of the skin even with shaving of long beards of a few days.

Who should buy this razor?

In conclusion, if someone was still undecided whether to switch to the Braun 9 series thanks to these improvements, they really have no more excuses. The already excellent razor improves even more thanks to the innovations but above all thanks to the new charging system which turns out to be a gem as unexpected as it is appreciated.

Obviously the price is a bit high but it must be considered that this type of razor is not bought once a year. The guarantee over time is guaranteed and our skin will thank you.

A dock like this is really a brilliant idea especially for short trips. Of course the weight could give some annoyance but net of the build quality this too could easily take a back seat.

Points in favor

  • Even better
  • Some fine additions
  • The world’s first razor charging station

Points against

  • Slightly heavy dock
  • slightly expensive