Call of Duty Warzone: annunciate le World Series

The trailer for the World Series has been released, the most impressive tournament series for Call of Duty Warzone that has been organized so far

As you can see from the presentation trailer, the World Series is about to make its debut; this is the tournament series for Call of Duty Warzone most important that has ever been organized until now. Activision’s battle royal, for which the third season was recently released, is therefore confirmed as one of the most successful video games of the moment.

Call of Duty Warzone World Series: how to participate and amount of prizes

Participation in the World Series is open to all players of Call of Duty Warzone resident in Europe and North America, who can register for qualifying tournaments via the well-known GameBattles portal. Although a broad participation of professional players, amateurs who feel up to the challenge are encouraged to take part in the events. To prevent this important event from being dwarfed by the presence of cheaters, Activision has promised to carry out careful checks on all those who sign up.

The extent of the cash prizes that it is possible to win with the victory of the tournaments of this World Series: the sum of the figures is equal to more than a million dollars. The biggest chunk of this win will be up for grabs during the main competition, which only 50 teams will have access to, which will start the next June 23. The rest of the prize will be contested by the participants in the secondary competitions.

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