Uncharted: director Amy Hennig is joined by a talent from Star Wars

Amy Hennig, ex Uncharted, and Todd Stashwick, ex Star Wars, join forces for a new, ambitious and … mysterious triple A title

Todd Stashwick, co-writer of the now defunct project Star Wars: Project Ragtag, revealed on Twitter that he joined the studio Skydance New Media led by Amy Hennig, director of Uncharted. The newborn development team is working on a game triple A as ambitious as it is still shrouded in total mystery. The tweet, which we will report below in full, also alludes to two “senior” posts as animation director and programmer. Like all projects Skydance (rightly) aims at, the game will be a high-quality action-adventure narrative experience.

From stables to Star Wars, with Amy Hennig’s Uncharted talent

The new title will also take advantage of theUnreal Engine, under the auspices of former Uncharted editor Amy Hennig and her “Star Wars colleague”. It won’t be Stashwick’s first time working with her, given their previous collaboration for the now defunct Project Ragtag. In addition to having worked on the first three adventures of Nathan Drake, Hennig founded in 2019 the development team that owes its name to the exiles of the former production company Skydance who took part in it. The fledgling San Francisco studio aims to narrative experiences for hardcore and casual gamers.

Together with her we have thirty years of experience of the former EA Julian Beak, who worked on Need for Speed ​​and Battlefield. Talking about Electronic Arts, the publisher’s tendency to cancel titles with a light heart (and not only) has made many turn up their noses when it comes to its management of Star Wars. For this reason, even before the expiration of the contract with EA (scheduled for 2023), Lucasfilm has opened the doors to other development teams. Not surprisingly, with the announcement of an open-world title set in the far distant galaxy, Ubisoft immediately caught the ball.

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