Call of Duty Warzone: coming to mobile?

Through a post on its Linkedin profile, Activision has revealed that it is working on a mobile version of Call of Duty Warzone

The video game market by platform mobile is in continuous expansion for several years and, consequently, it is no surprise that Activision is working to make it playable Call of Duty Warzone from this type of platforms. From what the company recently published, it appears extremely probable that the free to play version of the beloved war game is destined to become accessible also from mobile phones.

Call of Duty Warzone on mobile: confirmation comes from Activision

The fact that Activision is seriously intending making Call of Duty Warzone playable via smartphone is clear from the company’s Linkedin profile. A post recently appeared in it in which the company made public its commitment to creating a new development team, for which he seeks both creatives and designers as well as engineers and developers, destined to take care of the realization of this and other videogame projects intended to be played via mobile.

Call of Duty Warzone: coming to mobile?

The project that wants Call of Duty to land on mobile joins the others that involve the title. It is in fact recent confirmation that Sledgehammer is working on the development of the next canonical title of the franchise. It must therefore still be understood what is the priority that Activision will want to give to this project and, consequently, what the timing within which we can expect concrete news in this regard.

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