Call of Duty Warzone: discovered a cheater within the Twitch Rivals tournament

The organizers of Twitch Rivals, the Warzone tournament with $ 75,000 up for grabs, have confirmed that they have located and ejected a cheater

Following theaccusation moved by a famous streamer, the organizers of the Call of Duty Warzone tournament Twitch Rivals (whose participants are all streamers and whose prize pool amounts to $ 75,000) have launched an investigation that led to the identification and expulsion of a cheater. The organization also decided not to restart the tournament, displeasing several participants.

Twitch Rivals: details on the expulsion of the cheater from the Warzone tournament

The cheater was enrolled in theeuropean wing the Warzone Twitch Rivals tournament; the latter is of Czech origin and was known on the platform, from which it is now banned, with the name of DavskaR. The famous streamer was the first to indicate the behavior outside the rules of the latter Fifakill, who exposed the hacker on Twitter after he knocked him out of the tournament. Following this first report, several other voices have been raised and videos have been posted in which DavskaR’s unfair behavior is evident. The organizers’ response, which other tournament participants found belated, led to the investigation and expulsion of the cheater.

As we have said, what arouses the discontent of gamers is above all the fact that, even in the face of the evidence of incorrect behavior that has affected its performance, they have chosen to don’t restart the tournament and to pick up where it left off, even if its current rankings were determined in part by the cheater’s fraudulent attitude.

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