Call of Duty Warzone: the bug of invisible skins returns

A bug fixed in a patch a few days ago seems to have reappeared on Call of Duty Warzone, which makes players’ skins invisible

While it can be seen that Battlefield 2042 struggles to keep a large number of active players within its title, Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone seem to manage to have a consistent number of players, even with competition from Halo Infinite. In the meantime, the events surrounding Activision Blizzard and the various accusations made against the two companies by some ex-employees remain a rather serious problem, and moreover, from the beginning of December., a strike carried out by Raven Software was also added, Call of Duty Warzone studio.

The reason behind this stance by the team was the sudden dismissal of some members of the Quality Control, despite being promised a transfer to a partner company and a salary increase. Still, the studio still released a patch in early January that resolved the disappearance of the skins on Warzone, making an Operator invisible in the game. However, not even a week later, the problem seems to have arisen again.

The invisible skins are back on Warzone

When the latest update was released, Raven Software said it had several more planned. Users had been waiting for something to fix Warzone’s recurring problems for some time, but the Raven Software developers were absent not only because some of them were on vacation due to the holidays, but also because of the strike. now in progress. Now, it looks like the invisible skin bug is back to haunt Warzone players again. In a video made specifically to show the situation, a Warzone Operator is visible, his weapons and his floating head, while the rest of his body is invisible. This detail does not prevent it from being able to hit it and inflict damage, but it remains an element that should certainly not be present in the game.

Another invisible skin? Happened last night, not sure if it’s just on my end or what. from CODWarzone

For its part, Raven Software announced that he was aware of the current problem in the skins, and asked players to wait while the studio proceeds to investigate what the cause is. However, no precise date or schedule has been provided for when this will be fixed. For those wondering which operators are affected by this problem, while last week the bug targeted Francis’s Awoken skin, this time it was the turn of Wraith’s default skin and Weaver’s Dark Aether skin.

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