Nvidia GeForce: DLSS and Reflex drivers arrive for some titles

NVIDIA’s next Game Ready driver is ready, it will be released on January 14 and includes optimizations for God of War

Nvidia releases new drivers for the family GeForce, the driver will also support Rainbow Six Extraction, which will be launched on January 20 with the DLSS with NVIDIA Reflex. Hitman III, The Anacrusis, GRIT and Monster Hunter Rise titles will be supported, and the update will also bring support for eight new game monitors compatible with G-SYNC.

Also, a version of the graphics card GeForce RTX 3080 with 12 GB of memory GDDR6X is available from our GPU partners starting today, and comes with driver support available through GeForce Experience and on the NVIDIA driver download page. For specific pricing information and additional product information, please contact your relevant NVIDIA partners.

Nvidia GeForce: DLSS and Reflex drivers arrive for some titles

Nvidia GeForce: DLSS and Reflex drivers arrive for some titles

NVIDIA DLSS and Reflex both have proven to be technologies that developers will be able to add to their games. A couple of successful games will be launched this month, God of War e Rainbow Six Extraction, that will support these two technologies from launch.

Based on the technology of AI rendering and on dedicated processors Tensor Core AI found exclusively on GeForce RTX GPUs, the DLSS accelera i frame rate in God of War e Rainbow Six Extraction preserving the stunning graphics detail of the games to deliver image quality similar to native resolution.

NVIDIA Reflex we remember represents a suite of technologies that optimizes and measures system latency in competitive games, making the gameplay snappy and responsive even for the toughest challenges.

Below is the list of improvements made, and attached monitor models that will support these titles with G-SYNC.

  • Optimizations for the upcoming launch of The Anacrusis, GRIT, Hitman III and Monster Hunter Rise.
  • Enhanced Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR) with AI for better image quality.
  • Added three depth-based filters for NVIDIA Freestyle, including Screen Space Ray Traced Global Illumination, Screen Space Ambient Occlusion, and Dynamic Depth of Field.

Nvidia GeForce: DLSS and Reflex drivers arrive for some titles

Finally, here are the 8 new supported monitors;

  • AOC AG275QG3R4B+
  • AOC Q32G3WG3
  • AOC AG275QXE
  • Dell G2723HN
  • HP OMEN 27i IPS
  • Philips 24M1N3200ZA
  • ViewSonic VX3220-4K-Pro

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