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Candela C-8 electric boat will be ‘Powered By Polestar’

The new Candela C-8 ‘Powered By Polestar’ is the first product of the partnership between the Swedish brands Candela e Polestar: an electric boat with the battery and charging technology seen on the Polestar 2. This will allow the boat to sail for 57 nautical miles.

Candela C-8 ‘Powered By Polestar’, the electric boat

Candela and Polestar signed a partnership in August 2022 to supply batteries and useful technologies for Candela’s boats. And today Candela C-8 ‘Powered By Polestar’ features the same 69 kWh battery and DC charging technology as the Polestar 2 Standard Range.

This allows the vessel to sail on a single charge up to 57 nautical miles at the speed of 22 knots. Range better than combustion engines and 2-3 speeds better than other electric boats.

Candela C 8 Powered By Polestar min

Gustav HasselskogCEO and founder of Candela, explains: “With Polestar batteries, the Candela C-8 becomes the first electric boat capable of traveling to destinations that were previously only reachable by combustion engine boats. Polestar powered C-8 spark plug marks an important step forward for electrification at sea”.

The efficient Candela C-POD direct-drive pod engine, combined with foils capable of lifting the hull above the water at high speeds, reduces consumption by up to 80% compared to traditional motor boats.

By combining these technologies with Polestar 2 69KWh batteryin addition to DC fast charging, allows you to transfer the best of technology from the road to the sea. Thomas IngenlathCEO of Polestar, explains: “Sharing battery and vehicle engineering know-how with Candela will help achieve our common goal of transitioning to a future where all forms of transportation are sustainable.”

The electric mobility branded Polestar and Candela has taken off.

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