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Cannibal Holocaust: the Italian horror cult returns to the cinema directed by Ruggero Deodato

Cannibal Holocaust returns to theaters on August 21st. The Italian horror cult directed by master Ruggero Deodato; available in an uncensored version like never before

The extreme cannibal horror directed by Roger Deodatus; Cannibal Holocaustis ready to return to Italian cinemas, this time in a version like never before. Available from August 21st in unveiled and censored; Cannibal Holocaust is the most shocking and talked about 80s horror movie ever. Prohibited for children under 18; it is still considered today as the focal point of the upheaval of Italian horror cinema.

Characterized by the use of a raw and cursed language and style, Ruggero Deodato has been able to weave the strings of his horror game, in a continuous succession of events between horror and realism; torture and morals.

Cannibal Holocaust: the extreme horror that has upset the rules of Italian cinema

Banned by 23 countries around the world, Cannibal Holocaust directed by Roger Deodatus, ranks as the forerunner of today’s faux-documentary horror (found footage). Through the subdivision of cruel and brutal images; the persistent voyeurism unfolds in experimental and unscrupulous shots, through the vicissitudes of the four protagonists. Between the true and the false, the reconstructed and the frenetic; Cannibal Holocaust brings a bitter representation on contemporary society and the strong influence of mass media: unleashing a continuous climax of violence.

For years considered taboo; he has been able to inspire registers of the caliber of Oliver Stone, Eli Roth e Nicolas Winding Refn; defined by them as a growing forge of style and experimental technique. With the experimental and melodramatic music of Riz Ortolani, Cannibal Holocaust so iconic. back to the cinema: on 21-22 and 23 August 2023, distributed in cinemas distributed by Cat People Film for the first time in an unabridged R-rated version and restored in 4k.

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