Cinema Odeon Milano: the definitive closure

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The Cinema Odeon in Milan, which has become a multiplex, closes with its last screening on 31 July 2023, with an activity that began on 26 November 1929

The Odeon cinema in Milan is that cinema that has remained a reference for the city and above all remained in the heart of the city: immediately behind the Duomo, adjacent to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, under the arcades, it had been there since 1929. We use the past tense, because on July 31st this cinema closes its doors, with its last screening. A cinema that has seen the war, in every sense, because its building was hit by bombing and it reopened immediately, also hosting the Scala concerts in that period. It was in 1989 that it became the first multiplex and then in 2009 it passed to The Space group, with its ten cinemas.

Cinema Odeon Milano: the definitive closure

The cinema in the city center which has seen endless queues over the years for previews and for the most anticipated films, which welcomes an audience of all ages, thanks to its strategic position. In recent years it has also become the cinema of premieres, i.e. the national previews of the most important films, also hosting major international stars and also important meetings on the world of cinema. The Odeon Cinema had become a point of reference not only for the public, but also for all the journalists who went to the film previews and could meet to talk about cinema, as was done once at the exit, on the road to go towards the Metro.

In place of the Odeon Cinema there will be a shopping center, but all does not seem lost, because inside it will probably remain the space for about five cinemas, where it will still be possible to still enjoy the magic of cinema. It won’t be the same, we know this and it certainly won’t be a consolation for film enthusiasts. However, the idea that some cinemas will still remain in the center of Milan makes us accept this bad news in a less bitter way.

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