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Capcom: canceled the remakes of Resident Evil and Code: Veronica

The fans awaited them with some anxiety, but this time no Christmas, the first chapter of Resident Evil and Code: Veronica have been officially canceled by Capcom

Il first chapter of Resident Evilwhich appeared in 1996 on PlayStation, PC e Sega Saturncertainly needs no introduction and with Code: Veronica it was practically a miracle. At this point, after years away, a remake would seem like the right thing to do to make them attractive to today’s players too, right? Well, Apparently Capcom doesn’t think sobut let’s try to understand it a little better.

Fan Projects: if your name is Resident Evil and Code: Veronica then it’s no!

Assuming that these two remakes were made by fans for fansin this way a new graphic design would have been given to the games in question and some mechanics improved as Capcom itself had done with chapters 2 and 3, there were already playthroughs on the net to understand the extent of the thing.

Well, apparently Capcom has decided to say no to that. It was the same Briins developer to declare that, after the first email exchanges with Capcom, it was the Japanese company itself that said the remakes of Resident Evil and Code: Veronica “don’t have to do” as neither names nor characters from the franchise could be used.

The beauty is that all this happened towards Christmas Eve, so Merry Christmas everyone! Lo youtuber Biohazard Declassified ed altri fan they seem to have figured out why the Japanese company shut down the project. It seems that Briins was accepting donations therefore it is as if he were making a profit on someone else’s intellectual property. Although there is usually a certain leniency on the part of the creators, this was not the case this time.

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