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Retrogaming: The best video games of 2002

The year is coming to an end, but with this retrogaming appointment we want to remind you of the best video games of 2002. That’s right, they just turned 20

Strange year the 2022, both from a political and social and economic point of view and therefore thinking about video games would help to distract us a bit. The problem arises, however, on what to write. Titles dedicated to Christmas? Nah, let’s try to stay within the retrogaming e let’s discover the best video games of 2002.

Partly because the writer grew up with many of his peers and then because it is always “impressive” to find out how these titles have officially reached the 20-year mark! In short, let’s say that they have become really great, so much so that their sequels still make entire generations of gamers dream today. But let’s start with a brief historical excursus on the situation in the early 2000s.

The post-2000 videogame situation

In this post-Millennium Bug situation, computers all over the world, after breathing a sigh of relief, were noticing how consoles were gaining more and more ground. Although the Nintendo 64 was intoning its swan song, on the market they were banging around prima Xbox, la PlayStation 2 and also the Nintendo GameCube.

That year will therefore be founded Infinity Wardwhich will take players to various battlefields thanks to the Call of Duty series, will officially become Sierra On – Line in May Sierra EntertainmentNintendo buys Retro Studios (famous for some chapters of sagas such as Metroid Prime and Donkey Kong Country), Microsoft buys Rare Ltd.thus sanctioning the death of Banjo, and also activates the Xbox Live service.

So let’s say that quite a few things have happened, but also for gamers it was a good period with some titles that we report below. We also remind you that we have not included titles for portable consoles otherwise the list would have ended directly next year!

Retrogaming: The best video games of 2002

Super Mario Sunshine – Retrogaming: the best video games of 2002

We have already dedicated a special that analyzes the title in more depth to the Caribbean adventure of our mustachioed plumber, you can find it here, and it was also one of the three titles contained in the very special Super Mario 3D All – Stars. In any case, it is enough to know that, after the umpteenth rescue of Princess Peach, our heroes decide to take a well-deserved vacation near Delfinia Islandbut it seems that there is already a Mario on the island.

It’s just that it’s a bit “strange”, he is littering the whole area and for a change he has kidnapped the princess. It’s time to save her again, even on vacation, but this time with the help of the fantastic Splac 3000 which will prove particularly useful for both attacks that for the displacements and the resolution of various levels!

Retrogaming: The best video games of 2002

Battlefield 1942 – Retrogaming: the best video games of 2002

If there is a conflict that has never gone out of fashion in the history of video games, it is certainly the Second World War which, between 1939 and 1945, practically saw the whole world burn in unspeakable horrors and violence. In the’eternal bouncing between Medal of Honor and Call of Duty, Battlefield 1942 has set itself as a very interesting watershed between the two where, for once, you will not be a sort of super soldier, but a common soldier who can choose between classes of sniper, doctor, sapper and so on. Definitely based on the “capture the flag” mode even in single player, the title also received two expansions such as The Road to Rome and Secret Weapons of WWII kicking off the Battlefield saga.

Retrogaming: The best video games of 2002

Kingdom Hearts – Retrogaming: the best video games of 2002

Do you know when, on the street, you meet those couples who, initially, may seem ill-matched, but who instead look great together? This is indeed the case with Square Enix, ie the company behind Final Fantasy and other JRPGs like those in the Mana series, and Disney, pretty much the protagonist of all of our childhoods. A wedding officiated by Tetsuya Nomura for PlayStation 2 and who sees the young man Sora intent on finding Mickey Mouse together with the inevitable Foo e Donald Duck traveling the length and breadth of the various Disney realms also meeting its iconic protagonists. But the darkness, with hordes of Heartlessnever sleeps so it will only be the beginning of a great adventure that, even today, knows of masterpiece. And to think that all this originated from a meeting in the elevator!

Retrogaming: The best video games of 2002

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – Retrogaming: the best video games of 2002

You like those atmospheres at the same time glittery and rude eighties style? Are you nostalgic for TV series like Miami Vice? Well then this chapter of GTA is just the thing for you since there will be more than obvious quotes and references to the cinema and music of those years, compare Phil Collins nel sequel Vice City Stories del 2006even Scarface reinterpreted by Al Pacino.

The story sees a Tommy Vercetti grappling with “usual problems” of mafia, corruption and police on his tail, but this time he wants his city! The title in question sees greater depth in the mechanics and history for a decidedly “eigthies” result, a pity however for the version on Nintendo Switch which did not do justice to this excellent chapter of GTA.

Retrogaming: The best video games of 2002

The House of the Dead III – Retrogaming: i migliori videogiochi del 2002

Anyone who has attended the arcades in the 90s – and we must say that we honestly miss them a lot – you will certainly have played a few games at the so-called “games where you shoot” thanks to the special cabins equipped with rifles, submachine guns or pistols depending on the type. Leaving aside the “accuracy” of Silent Scopethose who wanted more adrenaline-pumping titles jumped on Time Crisis, but who wanted to add one horror component knew well that with the series of House of the Dead it was safe. In the third chapter it seems that the world has capitulated under the zombie hegemony so you will have to venture into a laboratory and, with shotgun shots, make their way to discover the truth and how to stop them. Have you checked that you have enough ammunition with you?

Retrogaming: The best video games of 2002

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin – Retrogaming: the best video games of 2002

Do you know those situations in which one seeks redemption for previous mistakes? And maybe, to make this redemption even more effective, you change your life completely? Well, that’s what the lethal Agent 47 wanted to do by moving to a small town in the Sicily to do the gardener in the sanctuary of Gotranno together with Father Vittorio.

Unfortunately one day he will be kidnapped by the local mafia and this will trigger a series of tragic events that they’ll get our Agent 47 back in action between ambushes, disguises, lots of stealth and a pinch of “tamarraggine” that never hurts. To top it all off a black suit, a red tie, gloves and an unrivaled talent for murder, what else do you need for your contracts?

Retrogaming: The best video games of 2002

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker – Retrogaming: i migliori videogiochi del 2002

For sure this chapter is one of the most “particular”, not to say “maritime”, of the entire The Legend of Zelda saga. From 1986 onwards, the saga has always tried the card of experimentation egu GameCube we could notice it! Thanks to cel shading Link and associates have been given a much more cartoonish air and then, Hyrule, has now become a huge one expanse of water to be plowed in search of the little sister Aril kidnapped by a huge bird.

This will kick off his epic adventure together with Princess Zelda, oops we meant the pirate Dazel, to drive away evil even by water. Very interesting chapter, especially for the sequel Phantom Hourglass for Nintendo 3DS, this seemed to be announced at the last Nintendo Direct, but it was “all hype and no roast”. A great pity, but at least this title is still here!

Retrogaming: The best video games of 2002

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault – Retrogaming: the best video games of 2002

The Second World Waralthough it was a tragic event of humanity with all the horrors connected, it always remains among the most used war scenarios for the major videogame productions. Just a year before the “boom” of the Call of Duty seriesElectronic Arts signed this chapter of the famous Medal of Honor series based on a film script signed, among other things, by none other than Steven Spielberg himself!

Lieutenant Mike Powell’s war experience then expanded with the Spearhead and Breakthrough expansions, but to find out more, we leave you with our more in-depth special that you can find here. In any case, if you loved the movie Save Private Ryan know that, here and there, you can find references especially when you find yourself between water and sand a dodging bullets on a Normandy beach in June 1944.

Retrogaming: The best video games of 2002

The Getaway – Retrogaming: the best video games of 2002

Have you ever seen Guy Ritchie’s first films? Something like Snatch – I snatch it to get an idea where to breathe thatatmosphere full of gangsters and bullets in the very civilized and very gray England. The story follows two main strands both set in London. In the primo will be played asex gangster Mark Hammond who, framed for the murder of his wife and blackmailed because his son is held hostage, will have to return to sow death among the various criminal gangs of London.

In the according toinstead, the story starts all over again, but from the point of view of detective Frank Carter. A truly excellent title for the time, if we exclude the few weapons available and a certainly not gigantic map, which it even managed to undermine GTA Vice City from the English charts. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for its sequel, Black Mondaya real shame also because the story was quite intriguing.

Retrogaming: The best video games of 2002

Mafia – Retrogaming: the best video games of 2002

We are in the thirties, near the city of Lost Heaven, between prohibition, gangsters and corrupt cops. In all this situation, however, a very particular pawn must still be added that will upset the fate of Lost Heaven. It is indeed the young man taxi driver Thomas Angelosimply said Tommywho during one work shift will end up saving two clan members Salieri, Sam and Paulie.

Tommy will therefore end up joining the Salieri family where he will undertake a series of missions against the rival family, the Morellotherefore it will be a a succession of car rides, shootings, robberies, extortions, escapes from the police and more shootings. In the background Lost Heaven, but be careful because things will soon get more complicated than expected and the story of Tommy Angelo will take an unexpected turn!

Retrogaming: The best video games of 2002

Still looking to the past

Bottom line these were some of the best video games of 2002, a year that proved to be fundamental for retrogaming in general for several factors. Indeed, perhaps it is better to say, for more titles! Of course there would be…