Car and motorcycle revisions bonus: the link for requesting the contribution is active

Bonus revisioni auto e moto: è attivo il link per la richiesta del contributo thumbnail

The IT platform has been active since 3 January 2022 ‘Good Safe Vehicles’ which is used to claim the bonus 9.95 euros for those who have had their car or motorbike overhauled in the period between November 1st and 31st December 2021. This “Small” compensation by the Government comes to compensate for the increase in tariffs that each user must pay to verify the suitability of their vehicle to circulate which, as it is good to remember, it is mandatory.

Car and motorcycle review bonus, accessed with SPID

The contribution, as mentioned, and above all as specified by the Ministry of Infrastructure
and sustainable mobility, can only be obtained for revisions carried out from November 1, 2021, the day on which the tariff increase came into effect, and for the following three years. The figure of 9.95 euros provided, however, is granted to owners for a single vehicle and for one time only. So who owns both a car and a motorbike, or two cars, or two motorcycles, will be able to benefit from the “voucher” only for one of the vehicles. Here is the link to request the contribution.

To submit the application and access the platform, it is necessary to haveSpid digital identity, The the electronic identity card (Cie) or the national services card (Cns). Once you enter the platform, you must fill in the form available by entering the license plate of the vehicle that has been inspected in the indicated period. If the system recognizes the revision, at this point it asks you to attach a copy of the proof of payment for the revision. The refund, as mentioned of 9.95 euros, will come directly on the current account of the holder of the vehicle being inspected.

The Assoutenti, in the person of the president Furio Truzzi, however, he is not entirely satisfied with the amount that will be paid and with the methods of requesting: “the reimbursement of 9.95 euros not only it does not cover VAT but it is also largely insufficient to meet the needs. It will be for this, asks the president of the consumer association “That on the home page of the ministry there is no news? Maybe that a obstacle course can make the possibility of using the bonus more coveted? “.