Cucce per cani: come scegliere le migliori?

Car tax expiration: where to check it and how to pay

Where to check the expiry of the car tax and how to pay? Let’s find out all the details in this dedicated article

It can really happen to everyone to forget about car tax expiry, or an annual tax that must be paid on possession of the vehicle. Consequently, it is easy to understand how it is in one’s interest to know how to check car tax expiry, so as to protect themselves from possible negative consequences, such as the payment of a fine. The car tax is defined as a regional tax, the payment of which is due by all those who are owners of a vehicle indicated by the Public Automobile Register.

Furthermore, we are talking about an annual tax that must be paid by car owners who have taken out car insurance, and regardless of whether the vehicle is on the road or not. A smart way to no longer have to deal with the need to know exactly the car tax expiry, to avoid penalties, is to stipulate a long-term car rental agreement without advance payment. Thanks to this alternative formula to purchase, in fact, you will be able to focus solely on driving, as the payment of the road tax and other duties due to car owners will be included in the monthly rental payment.

How to know car tax expiry

Per check car tax expiry and protect yourself from possible penalties, you can choose between different modes available. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to be able to perfectly remember each tax and levy deadline, this is certainly understandable but exposes you to the risk of even heavy penalties for being late. To check the car tax expiry for example, you can check the payment receipt for the stamp duty, which contains important data such as the start and end date of the policy’s validity. To the question “how to know car tax expiration?” you can also respond by suggesting to use one of the many ACI offices in the area, or in a car practice agency.

Not only that, it is also possible to carry out the verification from the comfort of home, by connecting to the ACI website and filling in all the requested information: type of payment, type of vehicle, license plate, control code and region of residence of the account holder. The range of options available for checking the expiry of the car tax also includes the website of the Revenue Agency, which redirects directly to the ACI website, and the website of the Region in which you have your residence. In this case, the respective sites refer to the pagoPA portal, from which you can directly access the status of the stamp. It is also good to point out that there is no single term for the car tax expirythis is because the payment must take place during the month following the expiry of the last tax due.

Stamp expiry calculation: how to do it

Once you figure out how to check the car tax expiry, it is also important to know how to calculate the amount to pay. On the appropriate section of the ACI website, for example, it is possible to follow the calculation of the expiry date by entering a series of data: type of payment, type of vehicle, region and license plate. In this way, the amount due is calculated in real time, but only starting from the first day of the month following the expiry date of the last stamp duty paid. By selecting the “advance payment” item, it is also possible to calculate the stamp duty for an advance payment, but only in the month of car tax expiry currently valid. Not only that, in this way it is also possible to understand, if you have not already done so, to pay the car tax.

Car tax: what are the payment methods

To actually pay the car tax it is possible to choose between different methods, both telematic and physical. In addition to payments via Home Banking, it is also possible to pay the stamp duty at all Sisal and Lottomatica points of sale and at the Italian Post Office, both online and at post offices.

There is also the possibility to choose direct debit with a 15% discount, but only in some regions, or to pay at authorized ATMs. That’s not all, you can also pay via Satispay, on the Revenue Agency website, from the IO app or from the ACI website.

Car tax: what the legislation says

Knowing the car tax deadline is very important in order not to risk penalties, but what does the amount due depend on? To answer this question we must, first of all, remember that the amount depends directly on the power of the car which, we remind you, is expressed in kW or CV.

Another factor which must be taken into account to understand the amount due is that of the environmental impact. In this sense, it should be noted that the amount can vary, even significantly, from one region to another. Car owners can check car tax expiry and the amount to be paid by consulting, at any time, the online calculation tool on the ACI website or on that of the Revenue Agency.

Failure to pay car tax: what are the penalties

Even if the car tax expiry coincides with the end of the month in which the car is registered, it is envisaged that it can be paid, without incurring penalties, by the last day of the month following the one in which the tax must be paid. Being a regional tax, the car tax is a tax which is collected by the Regions themselves, with the exception, however, of Friuli Venezia Giulia and Sardinia, regions for which the collection of the tax is the responsibility of the Revenue Agency . Paying the car tax after the expiry date, the consequence to be met is the application of tax penalties, or administrative penalties that increase the amount due. It follows that the greater the delay in payments, the greater the penalties.

Anyone who forgets the expiry date for car tax can continue to drive without the risk of fines or theft of driving license points, the reason being that we are talking about a tax and not a condition for driving a car. In any case, by paying the stamp duty within i first 14 days beyond the deadline, you will face a fine equal to 0,1% of the amount due for each day of delay. Once one year has elapsed, i.e. the period of time useful for active repentance, the penalty for failure to pay the stamp duty will amount to 30% of the amount due plus further interest on the 0,5% for every six months of delay.

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