Oscars 2023: Cate Blanchett wins the best actress award

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The 2023 Oscar Night ceremony has ended and Cate Blanchett wins the Best Actress award for her interpretation in Tàr

The 2023 Oscars edition at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles ended and among the winners was Cate Blanchett with the Best Actress award with her performance in the film Tàr. It was a very close head-to-head until the end with actress Michelle Yeoh, star of Everything Everywhere All at Once.

Oscars 2023: Cate Blanchett wins the best actress award

Cate Blanchett wins the most coveted award for the third time, thus going with 3 Oscars to tie two great actresses with many films behind them such as Meryl Streep and Frances McDormand. No longer active because she disappeared in 1982, with three Oscars, also Ingrid Bergman e in Olympus remains Katharine Hepburn with four Oscars.

A great result for Cate Blanchett who wins this well-deserved award for an extraordinary performance in Tàr, a 2022 film directed by Todd Field, which was still present in the shortlist of Oscar nominations for best film. The actress had already won two Oscars including one for Best Supporting Actress in The Aviator alongside Leonardo di Caprio, for playing actress Katherin Hepburn. The second Academy Award was instead for best actress in the film Blue Jasmine directed by Woody Allen.

Oscars 2023: Cate Blanchett absolute protagonist in Tàr

In a film like Tar, Cate Blanchett shines with her talent and her ability to immerse herself in any acting part in a profound way. In fact, we are facing a master of transformation, capable of interpreting Bob Dylan in the film I’m not here and multiple characters in the docu-film Manifesto. An actress who is also very eclectic in her interpretationsbecause at the cinema we have seen her in dramatic films, comedies, we have heard her voice dubbing animated films, such as the second chapter of How to Train Your Dragon and we have seen her in the theater interpreting Chekhov.

An actress who makes a huge contribution to the acting world, never holding back in interesting projects and that in Tàr shines with a film designed around her. Here, it can be expressed with a solo, in a very complex character, keeping very well the rhythms of a dramatic film and with a script that is not always very fluid.

We just have to admire this great actress, going to see her most beautiful films again or going to recover her interpretation of Tàr, which earned her this third Oscar. And did you appreciate Cate Blanchett i of her this interpretation of her? Let us know what you think and above all stay with us at TechGameWorld.com to stay updated on cinema and TV series.

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