Cellular signal booster: why could you need it?

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Today we are talking about a product that could be very useful in all those buildings where the signal is hard to reach. This is a cell phone signal booster

Have you ever entered a building and not been able to connect to the mobile network or in any case be forced to navigate at a very low speed due to poor signal quality? It can happen very often and it can be very annoying, especially if the building in question is a business that needs to receive calls promptly or a shop frequented by customers. The solution to the problem is called a cell signal booster! We explain why and how it works.

Cellular signal booster: when the network is hard to reach

The connection to the cellular network takes place thanks to electromagnetic waves. Our phones exchange electromagnetic signals are antennas that are connected to each other via the Internet. In this way we can contact any other device connected to the internet or telephone network. Electromagnetic waves interact with matter obviously. They usually pass unaffected or lose only a small fraction of their power, but the signal remains intact. In some particular cases however – for example if we have very thick walls or made with materials of a certain type – the signal is so much attenuated that it becomes impossible or almost impossible to use it.

In other cases it may happen instead that the problem is there amount of people connected to the same cell: Think of hundreds of people crammed into a shopping mall. In this case it can happen to clog communications. But a cell phone signal booster can solve the problem easily.

Cellular signal booster: why could you need it?

How does it work

What is it about? It is simply a device capable of receiving the signal from a cellular antenna, amplify it and retransmit it so that the quality will not be affected by architectural barriers or other problems. These systems typically have multiple antennas. One that acts as a receiver and can be installed in a point where the signal arrives very clean from the outside. The others act as transmitters and can be distributed throughout the building in order to have excellent coverage in every corner.

The more advanced models also allow you to manage traffic intelligently for avoid congestion in very crowded environments. Although at first glance they may look similar to the Wi-Fi signal boosters that we also use in our homes, they are a different system. In fact, a cellular signal amplifier works on different frequencies which are exactly those used by cell phones to connect to the mobile network. In other words, for our smartphones it will be a completely transparent device and we will be connected to the normal data connection as if nothing had happened. We will also be able to make calls and send SMS, as well as connect to the internet.

Cellular signal booster: why could you need it?

Does it seem complicated to you? Actually everything the process is super simple. Modern products are simple to install and the whole setup takes minutes. Sometimes the intervention of specialized technicians is not even necessary! Moreover, many of these cellular signal boosters also allow you to amplify a Wi-Fi signal, in order to have complete coverage of each signal.

This type of product is generally aimed at professional customers who want to have a high quality network connection within their industrial and commercial facilities. Especially if we are dealing with large structures frequented by many people, having a stable and high quality connection is certainly essential to satisfy customers or to increase the productivity of your employees. That’s all from the hardware section, keep following us!