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Cellularline at the IFA in Berlin with many new smartphone accessories

Berlin calls, IFA answers.
The International Electronics Fair in Germany ended again this year.
A lot of stands, but above all a lot of people crowded, after a few years of stop due to a pandemic, what turns out to be among the oldest fairs on electronics.

The IFA in 1924, precisely on December 4th, 242 exhibitors and 180,000 visitors. Today the fair has 1,500 exhibitors from 48 countries, and in addition to the electronics industry it has also extended to the telecommunications and information technology industry.

Among the various international exhibitors, there was also Cellularline, an Italian company founded in 1990 and based in Reggio Emilia, in Emilia-Romagna.

Cellularline, as the name suggests, has established itself over time in the production and sale of accessories for smartphones and tablets. Today the Reggio company is a leader in Europe.
This is why at every fair it is always a pleasure to visit them and discover what the Cellularline team has thought, studied and created in terms of smartphone accessories.

The Cellularline exhibition space inside IFA was really extensive and inside it hundreds of smartphone products, from the newest being launched on the market to those already on the market and ready to be tested.

From cases to car mounts, Cellularline presents the MagSafe ecosystem

One of the most interesting and important innovations proposed by Apple is the MagSafe charging system which guarantees fast, practical and safe charging.

The magnetic technology of the Cupertino company has also opened the way to new possibilities in terms of design and functionality, and for this Cellularline has developed a complete range of products to allow everyone to fully benefit from the advantages of the MagSafe system.

Cellularline and MagSafe rechargeCellularline and MagSafe recharge

To maximize the effectiveness of the wireless charging system, MagSafe, you need to choose a compatible case. Precisely for this reason that the Reggio-based group has expanded its GLOSS MAG range for the new Apple devices: the design preserves the look of the device, but at the same time it is extremely resistant thanks to the manufacture in TPU and polycarbonate, so much so that it is Military Test certified. The available covers have different colors in addition to the transparent one.

Cellularline has also thought of providing a fixed charging station for MagSafe, proposing MAG BASE: a practical support with a non-slip base in which to place the charger, to make charging easier.

Another type of solution is constituted by car accessories. The ranges presented at the IFA will be the TOUCH MAG line and the TOUCH MAG Air Vents line.

TOUCH MAG, uses the magnets inside the iPhone to fix the smartphone in an extremely safe and stable way to the ventilation fins, with a 360-degree swivel ball joint to easily find the perfect angle; TOUCH AIR MAG adds to the support function that of MagSafe wireless charger, providing a 7.5W charge that powers the device while driving.

Instead, Touch Mag Air Vents is an extremely safe, simple and stable holder: the magnets are designed to hold iPhone firmly in place and not interfere with its functionality. Thanks to the innovative hook connection, Touch Mag Air Vents can be fixed on all ventilation flaps, both standard and round.

Cellularline has also created its own charger compatible with iPhones equipped with MagSafe technology: it is the MAG WIRELESS CHARGER. It is a wireless charging base, with optimized charge for iPhone, with integrated magnets that allow precise alignment with the device.

Cellularline and MagSafe rechargeCellularline and MagSafe recharge

Finally, a product of great compactness and comfort, the MAG 5000. The power bank completes the Cellularline product range for Apple’s MagSafe system. Thanks to the integrated magnets, MAG 5000 easily clips onto the back of the iPhone, charging it wirelessly without interfering with the functionality of the smartphone. Equipped with LED indicators to monitor the state of charge, it features a slim design designed for maximum convenience. Forward is equipped with a ring on the body for easy gripping and can be used as a stand while the device is charging.

Cellularline presents the Gan Multicharge, the micro multipower with large charging capacity not only for smartphones

Smartphones, headsets, tablets: many different devices are used every day, and each one needs to be recharged regularly in order to function at its best. Precisely for this reason Cellularline brings to the IFA three battery chargers equipped with GaN technology: the proposed versions will have a voltage of 30W, 45W and 65W.

image 3Multicarica Gan Cellularline

Cellularline’s micro multipowers are ultra-compact and ideal for charging USB-C laptops, smartphones and tablets in a single solution. The technology that differentiates this range of products from the others is the use of gallium nitride: a material used in the semiconductors of battery chargers. Technological solution that allows to have a battery charger of contained dimensions, thanks to a lower passage of heat between the internal components of the product.

The three products have the same qualities, but with a different voltage. The USB-C port is compatible with fast charging, while the USB-A port provides adaptive charging.

Micro multipower solves a space problem: the ability to recharge as many devices as possible in a single product.

Cellularline presents Music Sound: bluetooth headphones and speakers for the new generations

Music also finds its place in the Cellularline universe, the Reggio-based group brings Music Sound products to the Berlin event. This brand is designed for the youngest and the most fashionable: headphones of all kinds are available for users who want to hear music in style.

During the IFA it will be possible to discover the different products: from TWS earphones to wireless headphones and hear the musical performance that the Music Sound family promises live.

Music SoundCellularline presenta Music Sound

Music sound offers a wide range of products that allow you to listen to music inside and outside the home. Among these articles we find the Bluetooth Music Sound headphones: practical and light. The absence of thread allows complete freedom of movement and thanks to the soft earpads and the extendable headband, they are worn with extreme comfort. The controls on the pavilions allow you to manage calls and music remotely for a total playtime of 6 hours.

Cellularline presenta Music SoundCellularline presenta Music Sound

It is said that music is an art form and for this reason Music Sound has created a range of products that could reflect these words: by designing headphones in different colors. Thanks to the 3.5 mm jack, the earphones can be connected to all the desired devices and listen to music with an amazing and glamorous touch.

Music SoundCellularline presenta Music Sound

Music Sound in-ear headphones are comfortable, youthful and colorful. The in-ear shape of the earphones ensures sound with powerful bass and immersive audio quality, all completely wireless, thanks to True Wireless technology.

The original case allows you to charge the earphones up to 5 times for a total of 25 hours of PlayTime.

Music SoundCellularline presenta Music Sound

The KARAOKE Bluetooth speaker is the ideal tool to enjoy every karaoke evening, thanks to its microphone and LED lights. It is transportable anywhere thanks to its small size. The speaker guarantees about 8 hours of play time and can be recharged thanks to the included MICRO USB cable.

Cellularline presents SKROSS, the adapters for those who love to travel

At the dawn of the new 1920s, people have definitely changed the way they travel compared to a few years ago. To date, the demand of most travelers is focused on smarter devices that reduce the use of bulky accessories, preferring the optimization of spaces and giving priority to quality and safety.
In this sense, the product line of the Cellularline Group SCROSS®, the brand of WorldConnect AG, a global market leader, fits perfectly with high quality travel adapters. And it is specially designed to accompany travelers from all over the world in their search for the best travel experience.

Cellularline SKROSS, accessories for charging smartphones, tablets and laptopsCellularline SKROSS, accessories for charging smartphones, tablets and laptops

Thanks to an idea patented in 2002, the Swiss company has built a business on innovative products that have the ability to adapt to any socket in the world.
One of the first products to be marketed was the World Adapter Classic, one of the first world adapters, which met with great success, guaranteeing exports to over 60 countries and thus confirming the enormous international interest.

Cellularline SKROSS, accessories for charging smartphones, tablets and laptopsCellularline SKROSS, accessories for charging smartphones, tablets and laptops

All products are designed with the clear aim of enhancing the experience of sophisticated digital nomads and today’s travelers who want to stay connected: with strong innovation processes and Swiss quality workmanship. The adapters use the SKROSS patented Country sliding system and comply with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC): safe and tested objects.

In addition to travel adapters, the SKROSS® range of accessories also includes USB chargers and power banks, as well as practical charging and sync cables for today’s modern travelers.

Cellularline presents the supports …

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