Cellularline Rider: the range of supports for two wheels

To keep smartphones safe even on the move, Cellularline presents the Rider range, a new line that includes four handlebar mounts for bikes, scooters and motorcycles

The passion of Italians for two wheels is well known: scooters and motorcycles have always been the protagonists on our streets, and also the bicycle – thanks to the increase in cycle paths – it is used for daily commuting by an ever-increasing number of people; the last few years have seen the boom of electric scooters, with a very rapid spread in most Italian cities. Cellularline has therefore decided to extend its range of smartphone mounts to two wheels, knowing that – even on the move – having your device at hand is a necessity for many: this is how Rider was born, the perfect range of handlebar mounts for every move.

Cellularline Rider: the range of supports for two wheels

Cellularline Rider: for those traveling on two wheels

The line, which will soon be further expanded, currently includes four supports: the simplest is RIDER, a solid and resistant mobile phone holder designed especially for use on bicycles and scooters. Compatible with smartphones up to 6.7 inches and made of scratch-resistant silicone, it can be installed on any type of handlebar thanks to the practical adjustable strap. RIDER PRO instead uses a different system, consisting of a clamp and a detachable base. The base rotates 360 degrees, ensuring maximum comfort during use, and is easily removed allowing you to protect yourself from possible theft. Can be installed on handlebars from 2 to 3 centimeters, RIDER PRO is compatible with smartphones from 4 to 6.5 inches.

Those wishing an additional level of robustness might prefer the RIDER STEEL, the ultra solid aluminum support can be installed both on the handlebar and on the side mirror. Equipped with one rotatable joint and the quick connection and disconnection system, RIDER STEEL allows you to comfortably handle your smartphone and interact with the touchscreen even while driving. An additional advantage is given by the open structure, which makes it compatible with devices of any length.

Cellularline Rider: the range of supports for two wheels

Finally, for even more complete protection, Cellularline offers RIDER SHIELD, especially designed for use on motorcycles: the waterproof case protects your smartphone from scratches and bumps, while the practical sun visor makes it possible to use the device even in the presence of a lot of sunlight or rain. To find the optimal position to read the display is simple thanks to the rotatable joint; in addition, the removable internal card holder allows you to carry documents and credit cards safely with you. RIDER SHIELD is compatible with smartphones up to 6.7 inches and with handlebars from 12 to 32 mm in diameter.

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