E3 2021: back to basics with Zelda’s Game & Watch

On the stage of E3 2021 there was also some space for retrogaming as demonstrated by the Game & Watch “branded” The Legend of Zelda

Presented by the legendary Eiji Aonuma during the Nintendo Direct of this E3 2021, the Game & Watch di The Legend of Zelda follows the same trail traced by the latest conversion of the famous Super Mario Bros. and by all the classicons of the Big N present on NES and SNES mini. But let’s see what is inside it a little better!

E3 2021: the titles inside the Zelda Game & Watch

In addition to the announcements regarding the sequel to Breath of the Wild and the expansions of Hyrule Warriors, the Legend of Zelda officially returns to the stage of E3 2021 with its version for Game & Watch. Inside there are the first historical adventure for the NES, the seguito The Adventure of Link again for NES, the Vermin mini game and also the possibility of “Play” with the clock. Fans of the brand and retrogaming, if you still don’t know how to spend the money saved and enrich your collection, now you know what to do! The date to be marked on the calendar is therefore that of 12 november.

Given that it’s not really around the corner so, to keep you in training, how about to save Hyrule once again? If you are interested, click here to retrieve the chapters of the Legend at the best price ever, while, to be always updated on the great world of video games yesterday and today, stay with us here on TechGameWorld.com!

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