Century of Ashes: the game of dragons will also be released on consoles

The highly anticipated Century of Ashes, a multiplayer game based on dragon combat available on Steam in a few weeks, will also be released on consoles

There is still some time left for the release of Century of Ashes, after the date on which the game would be released, revealed at Gamescom 2021, was postponed by a few weeks. The title will allow you to customize a dragon that you will go to possess, and then engage in combat inside arenas, alone or with friends, and fight for your survival. The game was scheduled for November 18 and initially for PC only, landing on the platform for free on Steam. The launch of the game was then postponed for obvious reasons, given that the following day Battlefield 2042 would be released, a title by EA which has in turn been postponed.

The console release of Century of Ashes, the game in which we will be able to ride dragons

In Century of Ashes you will have the possibility to choose your own classes, and to stylize our dragons in the way we prefer, even if the additions we are going to make to the appearance of the creatures they will not give any real benefits; relatively welcome, as these will actually be the only features that will require payment. The matches will be divided into various game modes: one of these is Carnage, where you will find yourself in a death-match in teams of six against six, taking advantage of the power ups that will appear on the map.

Another mode will be Gates of Fire, a kind of capture the flag, where you will get additional points by flying through particular gates while holding the flag in question. The title will allow to play cross-play, and in this regard a few hours ago the Playwing studio, developer of Century of Ashes, confirmed that the game will also arrive on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S and X, Xbox One and mobile systems, even if the release on these platforms will only happen in 2022. Meanwhile, it will be possible to have access to the title on PC starting from 2 December.

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