CES 2022: challenge between Italian and French startups

CES 2022: sfida tra startup italiane e francesi thumbnail

Agencies for the promotion abroad and the internationalization of companies, the Italian ICE Agency and the French Business France, they selected 8 startups each to participate in the Arena Italia on the occasion of CES 2022. Startups will show their skills in the sectors Green Tech and Health Tech.

Italy versus France: at CES 2022 it is a challenge between startups

The particular technology challenge between startups in Italy and France at CES 2022 involves some realities of great interest. For Italy we find, in fact, the portable scanner of Light Science Besides M2Test to help diagnose osteoporosis. Also noteworthy is the presentation of Fifth Wit that develops tailor-made solutions for digital transformation in the healthcare sector, Industry 4.0, Education and training.

At CES 2022 there are also the solutions of Bion Labs, a startup that aims to transform “disabilities into opportunities” in the field of human-machine integration. Innova instead, it presents a system capable of reducing rehabilitation times after neurological damage.

As for the Green Tech sector, however, there is Domethics that creates end-to-end solutions in the IoT market. Also present Sensosan which has created a system, based on artificial intelligence, to complete the sanitization of the environments. To complete the proposal of the Italian startups we find Hexagro specialized in urban-vertical agriculture technologies for cities.

The French proposals

The French startups present at CES are, on the other hand, BARACODA LABS, OPEN MIND, WEMED e SKINCAST regarding Health Tech. In the Green Tech sector, there is room for proposals for URBAN CANOPER, NEP TECH, BLUENAV e DELMONICOS.

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