CES 2022: Samsung unveils the future of its foldable devices

CES 2022: Samsung svela il futuro di suoi dispositivi pieghevoli con alcuni concept thumbnail

On the occasion of the CES 2022 say Las Vegas, Samsung has unveiled some concepts of sure interest that anticipate the future of the world of foldable devices. Samsung’s smartphones and tablets of the future could be very similar to the projects anticipated at the American fair.

The future of Samsung’s foldable devices on display at CES 2022

Samsung is increasingly focused on folding smartphones and the new concepts shown at CES 2022 confirm the will to insist on these products. The company unveiled the concepts Flex S, Flex G e Flex Note that anticipate possible future applications of foldable OLED displays.

The solutions that characterize these concepts are illustrated in detail in the short videos attached below. Samsung seems to be intent on making the most of the potential of foldable OLED displays and the products unveiled, as a concept, at CES 2022 represent an interesting preview of the future.

For the moment, in the near future, there are no new solutions planned for the Samsung folding range that will continue to present on displays such as the latest Fold and Flip. More future details will come, however, in the coming months.

The videos of the new concepts