The Sims 4: the roadmap of new content

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The Sims 4 roadmap anticipates what the new contents will be in the coming months: many surprises are coming and a wedding-themed package.

A look at the new content in The Sims 4

NME has shared what appears to be a real roadmap for the next three months of The Sims 4. A sort of roadmap that can help us understand what the new game content, between innovative packages and themed kits.

The news actually comes a tweet – published yesterday 5 January – of the official page of the game. In the message, the account confirms that the roadmap will cover the next 3 months, and offers us the hashtag #SimthingToCelebration.

The image suggests, as fans have actually long argued, that a wedding themed package. In fact, the graphics read “a game pack for a party that celebrates love”.

Here is the complete list of info that we can perceive from the photo:

  • Gamepack for parties that celebrate love
  • Two kits to celebrate “fierce design”: we don’t know what it means, but it could have something to do with some illustrations of the tigers that can be seen in the background of the image
  • Unique gifts from the collaboration of the community, inside and outside the game: it is likely that some fan creations will be implemented in the title.
  • Free global food to bring Sims together
  • More surprises

In short, something obvious has leaked, but still a lot of mystery. We just have to wait to find out what the future holds for our Sims.

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