Chris Evans from superhero to legend will play Gene Kelly

It seems that our beloved Captain America is ready for a new adventure, in fact Chris Evans seems to be in talks for a non-biographical film where he will play Gene Kelly

It just looks like that our superhero friends from the Marvel Cinematic Universe love dance.

In fact, our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is known to have landed his first major role in the theater as Billy Elliot and it is recently known that the same Tom Holland will temporarily abandon the cobwebs to wear the claquettes and become Fred Astaire.

But now another beloved superhero from the Marvel universe has decided to stop the battle suit to wear tap shoes, and we are talking about the Captain in the Stars and Stripes, in fact it seems that Chris Evans, permanently hanging Cap’s shield, is in talks to play Gene Kelly in a non-biographical film, the subject of which seems to have been conceived by Evans himself.

Chris Evans from superhero to legend will play Gene Kelly

Chris Evans’ idea for the film

The project is still in draft, it seems that it is the story of a twelve-year-old boy who works at MGM in the 1950s and you find an imaginary friend right in Gene Kelly while working on his latest film. At the moment this is all that is known and the film is still untitled and without a studio to finance it. Evans and John Logan will produce it (three-time Academy Award nominee), who is writing the screenplay, as well as Ram Bergman and Rian Johnson’s T-Street Productions, with whom Evans previously worked on Knives Out.

Physically the resemblance to the dancer is not really obvious, Chris Evans is more slender than Gene Kelly, more athletic and massive. However we are sure that theOur favorite Captain America would still be able to make the spirit with his skill, and it’s sure to be fun to watch him tap dance.

And what do you think, would you like Chris Evans in this role? For other updates on the world of cinema and TV series, keep following us!

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