CES 2023 Sony: here are all the announcements from Las Vegas!

PlayStation 5 becomes sponsor of the Italian Super Cup 2020

The Sony PlayStation conference at CES 2023 was held yesterday evening: in this article we summarize the main announcements, from Project Leonardo to the PlayStation VR 2 day one line up

The PlayStation year already seems to be promising from this January 2023, which will see the arrival of one of the most anticipated exclusives of recent times (after the excellent God of War Ragnarok) and which has been talked about so much recently, Forspoken. However, we remind you that titles of the caliber of Final Fantasy XVI and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 are also planned for this year, and we are still waiting to have some news on Silent Hill 2 Remake. A year full, we said, of good premises that we hope can be maintained by a Sony that seems to have unlocked the “lack of PS5” situation and is ready, indeed, to do what it can to dominate the market.

Sony at CES 2023: all the news, announcements and surprises

Yesterday evening the CES (Consumer Technology Association) 2023 was held, one of the most important annual conferences for the world of technology as a whole. Of course, Sony was also present, which showed some interesting news in the purely tech field, from the controller dedicated to the disabled Project Leonardo, up to other flagship titles for the day one of PlayStation VR 2. In this article we have decided to summarize them all, giving you an overview of everything Sony has officially presented at CES 2023 in Las Vegas held last night. Let’s begin!

Project Leonardo and the concept of “Accessibility” | CES 2023, Sony: here are all the announcements!

The most important announcement that has captured the attention of the press and the public is undoubtedly Project Leonardo. A new controller completely focused on Accessibility and created especially for Sony users with disabilities, modular and designed to break down the barriers that separate those who have difficulty holding the joypad in their hands from the gaming world. Everything was created with the contribution of the community and some video game developers, as well as, of course, that of accessibility experts in any field. Find more information at this link!

CES 2023 Sony: here are all the announcements from Las Vegas!

Sales figures and… the Gran Turismo movie? | CES 2023, Sony: here are all the announcements!

Despite the chronic shortage of consoles available for purchase on the market, which seems to be gradually solving in this just begun 2023, Jim Ryan praised the monstrous sales figures for the Sony flagship. Over 30 million units sold, Ryan optimistically said that anyone looking to buy a PS5 from 2023 should have no particular problem finding one. We also remind you of one thing: in November, Sony announced that it had sold 25 million units. Five million in two months.

Surprisingly, Sony also allowed us to take a first look to the Gran Turismo movie, which will hit all theaters in August. A stellar cast for what appears to be a high-speed film: from Orland Bloom to David Harbour, passing through Archie Madekwe. We leave you the trailer below!

PSVR2: Gran Turismo and Beat Saber | CES 2023, Sony: here are all the announcements!

Great space is also given to PlayStation VR 2, which will be officially released in February. Apparently, Gran Turismo 7 will be, together with Horizon Call of the Mountain, a launch title for the new Sony Virtual Reality Viewer. The title of Polyphony Digital will in fact receive a free update that will add support for VR2 at the same time as the headset is released. Also announced Beat Saber, which will land on PS5 exclusively for PSVR2 on a date yet to be determined. No other details have been disclosed yet, sadly.

CES 2023 Sony: here are all the announcements from Las Vegas!

Excellent premise!

And these were all the announcements from Sony on stage at CES 2023 held last night! Let us know if you followed the conference and what you think of the news below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the gaming and tech-themed news, guides and reviews! And if you are interested in game keys at advantageous prices, we advise you to take a look at the InstantGaming catalogue!