ChatIncognitoBot: the telegram bot for anonymous chats with girls and boys

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ChatIncognitoBot is the best bot to have anonymous chats on Telegram. It allows you to create chats and meet girls and boys undercover, without revealing your identity

ChatIncognitoBot, abbreviated by many to Chat Incognito and by some called Chat In Incognito, is the most complete Telegram bot for random chat with strangers. We decided to bring it to the blog because we hear more and more about it on Telegram.

How incognito chats work on ChatIncognitoBot

The purpose of the bot is very simple: to put two users in contact in a completely random way and to give them the possibility of having an anonymous chat on Telegram without the two identities being revealed to each other. Hence the name ChatIncognitoBot precisely because it is an incognito chat on Telegram. The person you are chatting with has no way of knowing who you are and you have no way of knowing who she is. The strong point is to be able to chat with strangers and possibly meet girls and boys on Telegram and make new friends. Clearly it is possible to exchange your contacts if they are people with common interests and feel out of the anonymity of the bot.

Many options: Language, Age, Gender, Distance

The options menu allows us to choose how the other user with whom we will be matched and with whom we will have the chat will be. We can indicate the sex and therefore if it will have to be a boy or a girl, its age range, the spoken language and finally we could tell the bot to give priority to boys and girls who live near us.

How to create an anonymous chat with ChatIncognitoBot

ChatIncognitoBot is extremely intuitive. Once we start the Bot we can immediately start a chat with a stranger by pressing “new chat”. The bot will tell us that it is looking for a random stranger online and to wait. As soon as someone is available the chat begins. At this point we can greet and introduce ourselves to the unknown user with whom we are going to chat. If we don’t like this user, there is a button to go to the next stranger or leave the chat directly.

What the bot tells us about the partner we are chatting with

As mentioned, the key point of the bot are anonymous chats, so we expect it to never reveal the identity of the partner and not even ours to him / her. Precisely for this reason, the only information that ChatIncognitoBot shows us about the person we are chatting with is age, gender and distance. The bot will not say the partner’s position of course, but only the kilometers that separate you. Furthermore, if the distance should be less than 1 km, a generic “<1km" will be shown for privacy reasons.

ChatIncognitoBot allows you to chat with girls and boys for free, but there is also a VIP license

The bot is free and can be used perfectly without spending any money. However, some options, such as choosing a partner’s gender, require a VIP license. To date, there are two ways to get the VIP license with a duration of one year: by inviting 3 friends to use the bot or by purchasing it for € 3.

Pay attention to the regulation

In the regulation we read with pleasure that any illegal behavior is prohibited and the bot encourages you to report any illegal behavior to the staff with the bot command / report. Spam, promotion of scams and violence is also prohibited. All this we read that will be punished with the user ban from the bot.

Go to the official website of Chat Incognito Bot.