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BMW SpecialMente talks about itself in the new Unframed podcast

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The No Frame podcast promoted by BMW SpecialMente, the corporate social responsibility program of BMW Italia. The series is produced by Middle Chora and is divided into five episodes of approximately 20 minutes. During these episodes, Giovanni Cupidi, activist for the recognition of the rights of people with disabilities and winner of the BMW SpecialMente Premiolino in 2019, tells just as many stories of inclusion. Here are all the details about this interesting initiative:

Senza Cornice is the new podcast promoted by BMW SpecialMente

The first episode of Unframed by BMW SpecialMente sees the same protagonist Giovanni Cupidi. The second, on the other hand, is dedicated to Carlotta Visconti, Paralympic bowl champion and ski lover. The third episode will see as the protagonist Emiliano Malagoli. Next, the BMW SpecialMente Unframed podcast will conclude with the stories of the project Made in Rebibbia e you Rugby Beyond the Barswhich involves three penal institutions including the Beccaria juvenile prison

How to follow the podcast

The five episodes of the podcast are published weekly, every Friday. It is possible to listen to the BMW SpecialMente podcast completely free of charge among the various free applications dedicated to podcasts such as Spotify, Apple Podcast, Spreaker, Google Podcast. Currently, the first two episodes of the series are available and can be listened to at any time through the dedicated apps.

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