Chef Hiro and Suzuki Ignis Hybrid: two illustrious Japanese on the roads of Italy

Chef Hiro e Suzuki Ignis Hybrid: due illustri giapponesi sulle strade d’Italia thumbnail

Chef Hiro. Oh, you prefer, Hirohiko Shoda.
We learned to appreciate it first in restaurants and then also on TV, with the participations in La Prova del Cuoco and Bake Off 8.
Before landing in Italy though Chef Hiro was trained in his native Japan, studying atCooking Academy and working for ten years in one of the most popular clubs in Osaka.
Then, around the age of 30, Hirohiko Shoda decides to move and reach Italy. Basically, the points in common were – and continue to be – several. In short, we are talking about two nations that share a passion for food, a millenary culture, attention to design and fashion and enchanting landscapes, where history and modernity meet in harmony and where traditions are always alive.
A choice, that of moving to Italy, which awarded Chef Hiro, now the protagonist of radio and television shows and books, including the latest Hiro Carton Food, the recipes of Chef Hiro’s heart.

Chef Hiro chooses Suzuki

Today the chef – officially appointed Ambassador of Japanese Cuisine in Italy from MAFF Japan (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan) – announced that he had chosen for himself Suzuki Ignis Hybrid, Suzuki’s ultra-compact and functional SUV, ideal for urban and extra-urban routes.

Specifically we talk about una Ignis Hybrid 1.2 Top 4WD Allgrip, which focuses on sustainability, respect for the environment, reliability, safety, technology and agility. All elements that make this model perfect for Chef Hiro’s expeditions in search of the products he prefers. A useful and functional car able to accompany him on his excursions and at the same time perfect even in the crowded and chaotic streets of small and large Italian citieslike Rome, where the chef has established his residence and where he cultivates his passion for Roman cuisine and, in particular, for “cacio e pepe”, in his opinion the perfect combination of the East – from which pasta and pepe – and the West, with Italy which has always been the homeland of pecorino.

In short, from today we can say that two illustrious Japanese travel on the roads of the Bel Paeseguided by curiosity and the desire to experiment.

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