Trust: prepare smartly for the summer

FanFactory: dove trovare regali per nerd!

Trust offers the essential accessories to prepare smartly for the hottest period, working during the summer is never easy, let’s discover together the accessories it recommends

Trusta leading company in the production of peripherals for the digital lifestyle, offers some smart solutions to prepare for the hottest season and for one Dynamic Smart Workingalso al sea ​​or in the mountains.

Trust: prepare smartly for the summer


The backpack is the protagonist of the summer, it unites practicality, design, comfort and adaptability accessories. Perfect like hand luggage for the plane, suitable for lightning weekendthe backpack is the versatile accessory that adapts to every occasion and need.

Ideal for carrying all accessories to make remote working, even in summer destinations, this model signed by Trust is ideal. A reinforced front part defines its resistance, this model allows you to move quietly a 15.6 inch laptop e hi-tech peripherals.

USB powered fan

In the summer season for work, play or relax you have to have the fresh mindTrust finds the solution with its Blaze fan in metal, large and portable to overcome the hottest hours.

Trust: prepare smartly for the summer

Ultra-thin 5,000 mAh powerbank

During aexcursion or if you love camping, the power source for charging the devices may be difficult to find. Trust’s Ultra-Thin Powerbank is one valid solution for a mobile chargingwith her small size can be taken anywhere without taking up space.

GXT 1125 Laptop Cooling Base

Very often with the onset of heat work with the laptop it’s hard if you don’t want to know cool down. Trust has thought of this cooling base to keep on the desk, thanks to the fan integrated inside allows the PC to “stay cool“During the sessions of work / play warmer. A structure that fits any laptop up to 17.3”.

Adjustable up to 190 mm for a better visualization of the open files of the pc. With removable holder for the phone allows you to keep an eye on the phone, so that notifications cannot escape.

Trust: prepare smartly for the summer

Availability and prices

The products listed are available in Italia at the best physical and online retailers and on Trust’s Amazon webshop. What do you think of these accessories to work during the summer designed by Trust? Let us know below in the comments. Don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram page and stay connected on tuttotek.

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