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CHILI and Xiaomi, new frontier of entertainment

CHILI and Xiaomi collaborate to offer Xiaomi TV+ users a superior entertainment experience, bringing the best of cinema and music directly to the home screen

Xiaomi TV+ represents the advanced platform for Xiaomi Connected TV (CTV), developed by Xiaomi Corporation and compatible with Android TV and Fire TV.

CHILI and Xiaomi, new frontier of entertainment

Xiaomi TV+: the innovative entertainment platform for your home.

Thanks to collaboration con CHILIusers of Xiaomi TV+ they can now access for free a six channels that they offer best cinema and music content. This exciting partnership enriches the experience of Xiaomi TV+ users, allowing them to enjoy a wide range of entertainment options at no additional cost.

From blockbuster movies to critically acclaimed TV series, channels cinema CHILI they offer a variety of content to suit all tastes. The music channels present a selection of programs dedicated to the different musical genres of the urban scene, guaranteeing users the possibility of listening to their favorite songs at any time.

Il channel 165 of Xiaomi TV+, called High voltageis designed for those who seek high voltage emotions, offering suspense, betrayal, action, giant monsters and lost universes. For lovers of love stories, channel 753 offers Velvet, where broken hearts, feelings, seduction and romance find space.

For those looking for light-heartedness, channel 752, called Smile, offers the best of Italian, French and American comedy to spark laughter with the whole family. On channel 751, called Grandi Nomi, cinephiles can find timeless stars and films, representing the heart of cinema classics.

Channel 746, ROCK TV, is dedicated entirely to alternative rock music, offering a wide selection of live programs, interviews and events related to the Italian and international rock scene. Finally, for hip hop lovers, channel 747, called HIP HOP TV, is the only television channel in Italy entirely dedicated to this musical genre.

Everyone and be i CHILI channels they are easily accessible in the Entertainment and Movies section of Xiaomi TV+allowing users to easily find the channel that meets their interests.

The importance of this partnership is the union of CHILI’s premium experience with the smart TV and innovative platform of Xiaomi TV+. This allows both companies, leaders in the sector, to broaden their range of action and involve an increasingly wider, profiled audience, thus contributing to the evolution of digital entertainment – ​​stated Roberto De Piano, Executive Director of CHILI.

In addition to being one of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers, Xiaomi is also a key player in the smart TV industry. We always believe that the true value of smart devices does not just come from the hardware, but also depends on the internet services we provide to users. For smart TVs specifically, it’s the high-quality entertainment content that really matters. We are very happy to partner with CHILI to offer unique and excellent TV programs to our users, allowing everyone to enjoy the best experience – said Chan Liu, General Manager of Xiaomi’s International Internet Business Department.

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