Con E-Xperience il noleggio dell'auto elettrica è comodo e il pieno lo fa Hertz thumbnail

With E-Xperience, electric car rental is convenient and Hertz can fill up the tank

With E-Xperience, renting an electric car is convenient and Hertz thumbnail fills it up

Hertz has provided for its Guests il CPO Charge Purchase Option, a prepaid charging service available for those who do not wish to stop for charging before returning the vehicle. A battery level of no less than 80% charge is required. They will be able to return the car with a battery level of less than 8% and the charging will be taken care of by Hertz. At the time of booking or collecting the car the Guest will be able to subscribe to this service. If at the time of returning the car the battery charge level was at least 80%, the relevant amount would be automatically refunded. To date CPO is among the most requested services by those who choose the Hertz E-Xperience.

The Hertz E-Xperience, the convenience of electric charging provided by the token

Since the topic of charging represents one of the most impactful aspects compared to conventional cars, Hertz guests also greatly appreciate the token (key-fob). It is provided when collecting the car and which enables access to public charging stations without the need for registrations or payment cards.

In its one hundred and five year history Hertz has always looked with interest to innovation. It has embraced significant changes that have accompanied its Guests on the path of mobility development which today requires increasingly flexible solutions.

hertz mobilita ufodrive

The Hertz E-Xperience: new mobility trends

The Hertz fleet presents a wide choice of models, which in Italy includes both cars and light commercial vehicles. The range of cars ranges from electric Polestar 2, Tesla model 3 long range, Peugeot e2008, DS3 e-Tense. Within Selezione Italia, the group of special cars for fans of Italian style, Fiat 500E and restomods of Fiat 500s from the 1960s (equipped with the Newtron electric kit) are also available. Hertz has introduced two variants into the fleet Fiat 500 Jolly Icon-e “Spiaggina” and Fiat 500 “Carlo” Icon-e, a tribute to sportsmanship and Abarth. Among the commercial models, Renault Kangoo EV and Nissan TownStar EV are currently available.

Hertz as a driver of change

In Italy Hertz has recorded distances with electric cars that do not exceed 170 km per day and 250 km on weekends, this shows that the charging factor must not represent a constraint for this type of travel. In longer rentals, the weekly average is around 700 km and widespread ease of use of the charging token and the related application for identifying available charging points along the route has been recorded.

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