China will lead the market for LCD and OLED displays

La Cina primeggerà nel mercato dei display LCD e OLED thumbnail

The China is destined to overtake South Korea by much in OLED market as in that of display LCD. In fact, the Chinese display manufacturer Boe is expanding its collaboration with Apple, which will allow it to reach new sales targets in the sector. But let’s find out more about these predictions.

LCD and OLED displays: China ready to overtake South Korea

According to a recent report from BusinessKorea, Chinese manufacturer BOE started shipping 6.1-inch OLED displays for the iPhone 13 series just last month. And those shipments are expected to increase after Apple carries out some product testing. After all, the manufacturer had already supplied OLED displays for refurbished iPhones, and is now responsible up to 40% of Apple products who use this type of screen. On the other hand, Samsung Electronics’ share in the OLED supply chain has decreased over time.

However, it must be said that around 2017, LCD display manufacturers in China and South Korea were equal. And a similar trend seems to have also been seen in the OLED market, where the manufacturer Boe holds its record in China. Beyond this, it is undeniable that G Display e Samsung Display are the top two largest OLED manufacturers in the global market. However, the growth of the two brands is slower than their Chinese counterparts. While Samsung and LG showed average annual growth of 12% and 19% respectively, companies like Boe and Csot report 25% and 52% growth per year, respectively.

And that can only mean one thing: the LCD and OLED market may soon be dominated by Chinese manufacturers. We will find out shortly.

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