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Chivalry 2: House Galencourt update available

Chivalry 2 records the arrival of the new House Galencourt update. The update is available starting this week on PC, through the Epic Games Store, on Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S. The new update enriches the contents of Chivalry 2 with new maps and a new game mode as well as many new customization options. The update enriches the gaming experience by offering lots of new free content for users.

Chivalry 2: free House Galencourt update available

House Galencourt is the new free update for Chivalry 2. This update introduces the game two new maps and a game mode, the Arena Mode, which includes 3-on-3 fights. The Arrow Cam connecting a camera to arrows shot for cinematic shots.

It should also be noted that the update introduces over 60 options for new weapons, armor, voiceovers and other aspects to customize. Among the new items available to players we find the sword of Argon, the Skull Crusher Mace and the Golden Leaf Shield.

Steve Piggott, CEO and Creative Director of Torn Banner Studios, states: “Chivalry 2 was just the base at launch and was intentionally built to be extended. Today’s update is just the first step in our ongoing effort to double the size and reach of Chivalry 2 for free. We hope the players have fun! “

The official trailer

The official trailer of the new House Galencourt update is available on YouTube. There he is:

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