River Tails: Stronger Together, the Italian-English indie starts at Kickstarter

The Italy-England friendly is approaching kick-off now that the indie game River Tails: Stronger Together goes to the Kickstarter

The newborn development team indie Kid Onion Studio is on its way to labor on Kickstarter of his first blue ribbon, River Tails: Stronger Together. We should limit ourselves to saying “blue”, but after the final of the European championships it would be more correct to define it as two-tone: Kid Onion Studio it will in fact be a divided team between Italy and England. The title aims to revive the genre of platformer 3D with a duo as protagonist: an idea so valid and consolidated that, at times, it can be recognized even by illustrious authors. If the idea appeals to you, we will be able to encourage them in late autumn.

The indie a little bit Paisano and a little bit British in the (future) Kickstarter of River Tails: Stronger Together

When will the fundraiser open on Kickstarter for the indie River Tails: Stronger Together, then? All we know is a generic November 2021, but the enthusiasm of Marco Vidale it also extends to the desire to bring new ideas to gameplay as well. In the adventure, in fact, beyond seeing two characters at the antipodes on the same screen (the cat Furple and the fish Finn), the chance to share the adventure with our friends will be the real highlight of the game. Contrary to other platformers, in fact, in this case the whole adventure promises to be playable in co-op locale.

The level design seems to lend itself better, for co-op needs, to a linear progress in the Crash Bandicoot style, with a tip of Super Mario 3D World (excellent conditions) for the management of the camera. The character design, especially for Furple, instead brings to mind the Disney cartoon of the boot (one above all, Stefano Intini). The prerequisites for a new unpredictable success, therefore, would seem to be all there: if the game were to appear in a Indie World like yesterday’s, we would be happy to nod with a smile. We therefore wish the “spring onions” of Kid Onion Studio good luck for the project, giving us an appointment in November for when the time has come to show worthy support.

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