Choose Mulesoft BSE for software integration projects

Choose Mulesoft BSE for software integration projects

To ensure a timely communication flow capable of transmitting intact and reliable data, Mulesoft is the market-leading solution for integration and API management

Mulesoft is the leading IT solution for system integration and API management processes. The integration process is particularly advantageous for companies that use a rather complex application park. We are in the scenario in which different software manage the various business processes, but the exchange of information between the different business departments is frequent and crucial in order to synchronize operations.

Are you an e-commerce and you need your sales platform to be always updated with warehouse stocks and this, in turn, must be able to communicate with local suppliers?

Are you a company that sells throughout the Italian territory, do you use several shops and would you like to be able to create an automated communication network between them?

Are you a company that uses software written in different programming languages ​​and cannot communicate with each other?

To ensure a timely communication flow capable of transmitting intact and reliable data, Mulesoft is the market-leading solution for integration and API management. In addition to being an integrator, Mulesoft’s Enterprise Service Bus plays the role of translator: when transmitting data from one software to another, it translates language and format to ensure readable, complete and correct data for the recipient.

Mulesoft Italia: why Italian companies should invest in system integration

Opting for a system integration process with Mulesoft is one of the fundamental steps towards digital transformation. Integrating information systems means first of all harmonizing older software with the latest technological introductions: thanks to the work of the integration layer, i.e. an Enterprise Service Bus, in fact, despite the different programming language, each type of software can be connected to the others. Furthermore, if you decide to replace a specific application, the functioning of the transmission of information will not be affected: the flow of information between the applications not subject to modification remains unchanged, precisely because Mulesoft is at the center of the system and conveys the information. This function also helps to reduce maintenance costs: by choosing horizontal system integration rather than point-to-point integration flows, the costs of replacing an application are significantly lower.

This solution is therefore ideal for companies that want to innovate quickly, while ensuring the continuity of the service. With such an integrated system, it will be easier to make strategic decisions and evaluate new software products without worrying about the impact on your business. In a constantly evolving ICT market, it is more important than ever to choose a strategy open to technological innovation to provide its customers with the best possible service and thus beat the competition: Mulesoft also helps you in this.

The integration with a Service Bus also allows you to innovate but reuse existing company assets: it is not necessary to choose an all-encompassing software solution. You can opt to keep the different applications already in use and simply put them in communication. In this way, savings in often very high licensing costs of the solutions that include a little bit of everything and in personnel training costs.

Another advantageous aspect of the platform: Mulesoft’s Anypoint Platform also ensures a system of queues thanks to which information always arrives at its destination, even in the event of temporary blocking of one of the applications. With the “Zero message Loss”, the information is put on stand-by by the Service Bus and the flow is relaunched when the application is back in operation, ensuring the integrity of the information.

Mulesoft ESB: the most innovative technological choice to connect the company application park

The data flows can be conveyed in two ways: in real-time, therefore depending on the need, or according to predefined time slots (e.g. the stocks of a certain product have reached the critical threshold and it is necessary to inform the order office ). Data integrity and reliability is guaranteed: the data is located in a fully integrated ecosystem, as in a homogeneous system. The Service Bus is implemented with a set of rules that first define the flows, but also the different types of users and the time slots for the automatic transmission of information.

The integration of application systems is not necessarily limited to internal software within the company: it is also possible to integrate third-party software. Do you work with regular clients every month? Do you use strategic partners who take care of a part of your business processes? Do you constantly receive goods from certain suppliers? Thanks to Mulesoft Anypoint, you can integrate your information systems with those of all these subjects that are part of your processes and thus make them faster, more efficient and effective.

Mulesoft Enterprise Service Bus and Application Management: investing in innovation with a single product

From a technical point of view, in addition to the role of the Enterprise Service Bus, what are the main components of Mulesoft Anypoint? The call and reception of information from an application to the ESB and from this to the target software and vice versa are managed by the Application Programming Interfaces or APIs: these play the role of intermediaries and allow two or more applications to communicate with each other. The APIs expose services and, in so doing, allow the transmission of information from different applications, transmitting the request and reporting the feedback to it.

Mulesoft offers the full API lifecycle management service: Full API lifecycle management. With this tool, developers can design, build, secure, monitor and manage APIs in one platform.

The Application Programming Interfaces are also reusable: developers no longer have to write long lines of code every time but I can tap into an API archive and use individual services as needed. This leads to a highly strategic advantage: delivery times of drastically reduce, increase productivity, agility and speed of development teams.

MuleSoft’s Anypoint platform is specifically designed to enable innovation through the API-led connectivity approach, thus making the digital transformation of companies easier.

If you want to invest in integration with Mulesoft and adopt the API-based approach, you can rely on the experience of Omnia Group, Mulesoft partner and system integrator with over 25 years of experience.

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