Citroën You love everything you need to know about the most famous microcar

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Nonconformist and gritty to face the traffic in the city. Above all, on his identity card Citroën Ami there are all the information and characteristics on how they are and will be Microcar of the future Which is Citroën more than a year after its debut it never ceases to amaze us. With this car Citroën show that you have clear ideas about cars electric.

Citroën Ami conquers many people every day with its originality for design and innovation. Citroën Amithe microcar most famous of the web also raises several questions: us We are here to answer all your doubts.

How does the Citroën Ami work?

The Citroën Ami it’s a microcar electric to two placesSo it’s a light quadricycle electric. It arrives on the market in 2020 as a low-cost and energy-efficient urban vehicle. The maximum speed of the Citroën Ami is 45 km/h. It has a range of up to 75 km according to the car manufacturer.

The microcar has the cable integrated for charging, with which to connect the vehicle to a household electrical socket. Three hours are enough to fill up on energy.

What driving license do you need for the Citroën Ami?

Surely this is among the most googled questions on the net. Citroën Ami it is an electric microcar. It’s a light quadricycle classified as a moped. Therefore it is reported as electric car without a license for the elderly or minors.

To drive the micorcar it is necessary to have the driving license B. Or at least the AM license. The only restriction for those who have not yet turned 16 is the obligation to circulate without passengers. After that it is possible to drive with a person on board using the seat next to the driver’s seat.

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Citroën Ami, fonte sito Citroën

Where can the Citroën Ami be driven?

Which isn’t Citroën can circular are highways. Con Citroën Ami get up to center without worrying about ZTL and various limitations. Therefore, without additional costs, you can park it anywhere.

How do you top up ami Citroën?

Citroën Ami it is easy to refill. The microcar yes plug into the house outlet, it is safe to recharge even in the rain. It is also possible to connect it to charging stations or wallboxes. The 5.5 kWh battery can be fully recharged in just 3 hours with 3 kW household current.

How much range does Citroën AMI have?

Being a electric microcar, Citroën Ami walks up to 75 km on a single charge, calculated on WLTP cycle. Also, the battery of Citroën Ami It has a 3 year/40,000km warranty. There is the possibility of extension up to 5 years. This if you buy in cash or 48 installments if you buy in leasing since it covers the entire period of the loan.

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What engine capacity is the Citroën Ami?

The traction motor of the Which is Citroën it has a power of 6 kW (about 8 HP). Furthermore Citroën Ami is an alternative to scooters with displacement 50 cc oh quadricycles lightmostly powered by two-stroke diesel engines.

How fast is the Citroën Ami?

The electric microcar Ami Citroën it measures 2.41 m long by 1.39 wide and 1.52 high. The 5.5 kWh battery pack powers the just 8 HP motor with one maximum speed of 45 km/h. It has a range of 70km.

How to buy the Citroën AMI?

The Citroën Ami is available in seven different versions and purchasable online at with different formulas (including one that allows you to take it home for €30 a month)

How much does Citroën Ami electric insurance cost?

The average cost of quadricycle insurance today is about 200-300 euros per year. There are cases where it can even reach 1,000 euros a year. This depends on the age of the driver, the power of the vehicle and the city of residence.

Citroen Ami 2Citroën Ami, fonte sito Citroën

Do I have to pay road tax for the Citroën Ami?

No, for the Citroën Ami you don’t pay the bill.

Control the Citroën Ami from the myCitroën app

Using theApp My Citroën through the connected [email protected] box available as an optional, it is possible to have all the parameters of the microcar under control. Not only does the application allow you to discover the nearest charging points.

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