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Team Ninja: The studio has a new game in the works

The manager of Team Ninja has spoken in the last few hours of a new game in development at the well-known Japanese studio. Here are all the details

The developer Team Ninja had already announced its new historical RPG Rise of the Ronin last September, but a recent interview indicated that the studio is already working on a new game not yet announced which appears to be on track to be released first. Let’s see all the details about it in the next few lines of this article.

Team Ninja: new game in production and everything you need to know about the reboots of some of the historic sagas of the software house

In an interview with Japanese gaming news site Famitsu, the manager of Team Ninja Fumihiko Yasuda stated that his team plans to publish a new game every year, including this one we mentioned. However, Yasuda pointed out that Rise of the Ronin is scheduled for 2024, which means that the release of this as-yet-unannounced title will precede Rise of the Ronin. “We have been developing Rise of the Ronin for about 7 years and plan to release it in 2024,” reads the translation of Yasuda’s words during the interview. “This title will be released in 2023 and we would like to release a new title in 2025. I hope to be able to tell you about it in the future when it is possible”.

Team Ninja: The studio has a new game in the works

Also known for games like series Nioh e Ninja GaidenTeam Ninja actually already released a game just last month: the ancient China themed soulslike action RPG Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. However, the latter was released on March 3, well before the publication of the Famitsu interview, and Yasuda confirmed that the game in question is “in development”, indicating that he was not talking about Wo Long.

Asked a few possible reboot in Ninja Gaiden e you Dead or AliveYasuda replied that it is about unfounded rumors. While he was unable to provide any details to the interviewer, the manager seems eager to share information about Rise of the Ronin and other Team Ninja products when the time is right. “I was just saying that we’re looking at it as a big part of the series,” he said. “So I can’t give you any details, but if the time comes, I’d like to be the first to tell you about it.”

As for intending to release a new title every year, Yasuda seems to have expressed a desire to stagger exits, giving the team the opportunity to learn, grow and improve. “After all, the team’s growth would be slow if we kept releasing one title after another for several years,” he said.

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