Clubhouse adds the gaming section: here’s how it works

Clubhouse si butta sul gaming: ecco come funziona la nuova sezione thumbnail

Clubhouse started testing a feature of gaming. The launch title of the feature called “Wild Cards”Presents users with a series of questions and challenges to break the ice. The game can ask a variety of questions such as coming up with an idea for a movie in 60 seconds, for example, or sharing five items from your search history. To play just choose the “Games” option in the + Room section.

Clubhouse adds the gaming option

The launch of this feature may be part of the efforts of Clubhouse to convince new users to stay on the social network, which after an initial boom has not sailed in excellent waters. The audio chat app became very popular in the early days of the pandemic, at which time people were trying to connect with friends and strangers in any way they could to dissolve social isolation.

Its success has led to the development and launch of similar features by well-known companies, including Facebook, Spotify and Amazon. Clubhouse’s popularity and download count took a hit when first with the launch of these rival services, and then after pandemic restrictions began to be lifted.

Many users have chosen to switch to social network more established that offer similar audio services, because they already have an active social network on those platforms. However, Clubhouse told the New York Times in December that it’s still growing and that the company is confident it’s not just a fad born in a time of crisis.

Over the past few months, the service has released a handful of new and experimental features in an effort to get users to stay. One of them is the chat feature in the voice rooms for those who prefer to send text messages and the other is the support for listening to the web in the United States.

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