Technology and Digital Board to innovate teaching with Samsung Flip

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Samsung Flip, the interactive multimedia whiteboard, offers increasingly engaging learning experiences. Let’s find out together the latest project from Samsung, entitled Technology and Digital Board to innovate teaching.

Samsung Flip and the Technology and Digital Board project to innovate teaching

Samsung Electronics Italia, which has always been committed to supporting the education sector, continues to work together with the Ministry of Education to promote a digital culture in the Italian school. With the aim of expanding digital skills more and more, Samsung is committed to participation e realization of an training course for teachers.

In collaboration with LaFabbrica, a body accredited by MIUR, the course “Technology and Digital Board to innovate teaching” explore the educational opportunities offered by new technologies.

Specially developed for the school sector, Flip combines the typical display functionality of the traditional whiteboard with access to special contents made possible by digital. Flip offers teachers resources e unlimited flexibility to create engaging lessons.

Advanced collaboration skills allow each teacher to lead your class and to encourage students to develop new ideas, helping them to express their full potential.

The course has a duration of 25 ore and includes a first theoretical part dedicated to benefits of using Samsung Flip. Until January 2023, the course is available on the MIUR, SOFIA.

The main features of the device:

Below we present the main features of Samsung Flip that will be addressed during the course.

  • Writing as with pen and paper:
    • Samsung Flip offers a simple and familiar pen-to-paper writing experience in a very wide variety of colors, styles and widths. Until 4 people they can write at the same time, using any object as a writing tool. You can also quickly erase drawings with your finger or palm.
  • Flexible image editing and active annotation:
    • With Samsung Flip, users can select, move, crop, capture and edit any image quickly and easily. With a simple click of the note level button, users can enjoy smooth writing without affecting the work behind the original level.
  • Advanced touch technology:
    • Samsung Flip offers a wide color palette and a range of thicknesses for a differentiated writing experience. It also provides an intuitive tool that allows up to 20 people to write and draw simultaneously on the large 85-inch UHD display.
  • Optimized for school:
    • Teachers can connect their personal devices to the Flip Whiteboard using the “touch out” function and control the contents on the display in real time.
  • Multiple connection options:
    • A versatile selection of connectivity options, including USB, HDMI, DP, screen sharing, and the recently added OPS slot, ensures that the Flip is accessible from a variety of devices.

Samsung also worked on the development of digital civics content made in collaboration with a number of experts in order to support teachers in the “Grow” digital citizens. The goal is to teach them the most appropriate way to use technology in a safe, responsible, aware and respectful way. This content is made available by Samsung exclusively through a special promotion: you can find all the details on the official site.