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Harley-Davidson Nightster the new entry-level of the American brand

Harley-Davidson has launched a new model on the market called Nightster which becomes part of the Sportster range. This becomes the accessible entry point to the world of motorcycles and the North American brand, but does not skimp on performance and design.

This totally new bike combines the classic silhouette of Sportster models with the high performance of the new Revolution Max 975 engine. Added to this is a series of electronic driver assistance systems and state-of-the-art driveability.

Harley-Davidson has decided to create a completely new model renewing the discontinued 883 Sportster range. For this, he did not hesitate a second to completely change his engine and introduce a totally new one derived from the one installed on the Pan America.

Nor have design or electronics been left out, with aids of all kinds that will help those approaching a Harley-Davidson motorcycle for the first time.

Harley-Davidson Nightster the revised Sportster that doesn’t lose its style

The design has been totally renewed, with an image visually very powerful, which conveys the style of classic Sportster models. This is especially evident due to the exposed rear shock absorbers mounted on the outside of the frame and the shape of the airbox, which evokes the iconic peanut fuel tank of the Sportster. The round cover of the air filter intake, the car, the hollowed out fenders and the sporty windshield recall elements of the latest Sportster models. The side cover that hides the fuel tank under the seat is also similar in shape to the old Sportster oil tank.

Harley Nightster 3

However, the protagonist of this Nightster is its revolutionary engine. It stands out right away as the centerpiece of the design, framed by meandering tailpipes and finished in textured metallic charcoal powder paint with glossy black accents. A shroud under the radiator hides the battery, helping it to appear less prominent. The rims are finished in satin black.

As we said with the Nighster the new engine makes its debut Revolution Max 975T. It is a liquid-cooled 975cc 60 degree V-twin capable of developing a maximum power of 90 hp at 7,500 rpm and a torque of 95 Nm at 5,000 rpm . The torque curve stays flat throughout the power range to deliver strong acceleration and solid mid-range power. The profiles of the two overhead camshafts per cylinder and the variable valve timing of the intake valves are designed to match the performance of this engine.

The fuel tank is now made of lightweight plastic as well it has a total capacity of 11.7 liters . It has been positioned under the seat, which can be folded down to allow you to fill up the bike. This position under the seat allows to optimize the capacity of the engine intake air box. Furthermore the weight of the fuel has been moved to the lower area of ​​the frame. The result is a lower center of gravity which improves handling and makes it easier to lift the bike onto the side stand.

2022 harley davidson nightster

The Nightster combines an agile and light frame, ideal for navigating urban traffic and enjoying winding back roads. According to the manufacturer, the centrally positioned foot controls and low handlebars put the rider in a comfortable, centered position. The seat height without load is 698 mm. This feature, combined with a narrow saddle design, allows most riders to confidently plant their feet on the ground when coming to a stop.

The Revolution Max 975T engine is the main and structural element of the Nightster frame, which significantly reduces the weight of the bike (211 kilos dry). The rear subframe is made of lightweight aluminum. The swingarm is a tubular steel with rectangular section and supports the two rear shock absorbers. The front suspension consists of a conventional 41mm Showa brand flexible dual valve fork. The rear one consists of two outboard mounted emulsion shock absorbers with a manual preload adjustment collar.

Entry-level but technologically advanced

Technically, the Nightster is gifted at Rider Safety Enhancements at Harley-Davidson, a collection of technologies designed to match motorcycle performance to the traction available during acceleration, deceleration and braking. The systems are electronic and use the latest in control technology making use of a system ABS, a traction control system e one to control the engine brake. Together they regulate engine torque delivery and reduce excessive rear wheel slip in the event of sudden deceleration.

offered tre selectable riding modes (Road, Sport and Rain) that electronically control the performance of the bike and the level of intervention of the technology. Each of these includes a specific combination of power delivery, engine braking, ABS and TCS settings. To navigate between the different types, the pilot can use the Mode button on the right controller. Each mode has a unique icon that appears on the instrument screen when selected.

harley-davidson nightster

Rounding out this section is a 4-inch diameter round analog speedometer with one multifunction LCD screen located on the handlebar turrets . The lighting is completely LED, and the new Daymaker projector is designed to produce a homogeneous diffusion of light.

The new Harley-Davidson Nightster will be available in three different colors: Vivid Black, Gunship Gray and Redline Red. The Gunship Gray and Redline Red color options will only apply to the air cleaner cover, while the front and rear fenders and sports screen are always finished in Vivid Black. Its arrival in dealerships will take place in April, with a price, for ours market, starting from 15,400 euros.

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