Coccinelle For Barbie: the official collaboration arrives

The famous brand that produces bags and accessories, has officially announced the collaboration “Coccinelle For Barbie”

“Always be on the woman’s side” is the “woman for woman” approach in which ladybug believes and identifies, to build a 360-degree vision of the future, which must not impose limits on itself. A stereotype free dimension where barriers fall, differences are celebrated, natural beauty is encouraged. Where inclusiveness and self-acceptance are winning. Values ​​that it embodies to perfection Barbie, the most famous fashion doll in the world, much more than a toy, and who are at the origin of the international project Ladybug for Barbie.

Over the years, in fact, Barbie has continued hers journey to represent diversity and inclusion in the fashion doll segment and it has evolved to be even more a reflection of the world that girls see around them, introducing new looks and including different dolls. Barbie has become the mirror of different body shapes (Tall, Petite, Curvy), including dolls that reflect disabilities in the line.

Coccinelle For Barbie: the official collaboration arrives

In tela di nylon cool & strong, with leather handles to celebrate the Italian artisan tradition and the grosgrain ribbon as a declaration of conscious femininity, the Coccinelle for Barbie bag speaks to all women, closely and urgently.

Here is the writing THE FUTURE IS LIMITLESS stands out on the bag in graffiti-style lettering, pink on black, black on pink. Determined, bold, timeless, the rosa it is dear to both Coccinelle and Barbie, an expression of their attitude. Together with the nero, is the yin-and-yang of women empowerment: courage and sweetness, challenge and resilience, rebellion and kindness.

Inside the bag, on the other hand, a Barbie Pink label with the Coccinelle for Barbie thought: “accepting ourselves in our diversity will make us stronger and master of our future”. AND Barbie Pink, recognizable at every age, in every language and culture, at every latitude, is also the box that contains the bag. The slogan THE FUTURE IS LIMITLESS runs through it: you read it “outside” and find it “inside”, on the bag overlooking the transparent window just like a Barbie doll.

Coccinelle For Barbie: the official collaboration arrives

This is a international project which will see the involvement of 25 countries around the world, international ambassadors who will tell their own story, launching a global message of inclusion and positivity. Those who go to school to build a tomorrow, those who have the task of educating, those who fight for rights that affect everyone, via the glass ceiling, via inequalities, long live the desire for change.

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