Death Stranding Director’s Cut: here is the final trailer!

The final trailer of the Director’s Cut of Death Stranding was released a few minutes ago, and goes to confirm what are the expectations on this particular version of the work of Hideo Kojima. Let’s find out together

After the announcement a few months ago we are finally here. A few days separate us from the release of the Director’s Cut di Death Stranding, of which, a few minutes ago, the so-called “final trailer“, roughly translated into trailer finale. The expectations on this revised and, according to Kojima himself, improved version of the game, are very high. With the various innovations included, will you try to reach a wider audience? We just have to wait for the September 24, day one of Death Stranding Director’s Cut, to find out.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut: the final trailer prepares us for the experience!

In trailer finale di Death Stranding Director’s Cut we have the opportunity to view some of the innovations introduced within this particular version of the title. In addition to introductions from the narrative point of view, with new narrative missions and offshootsand, in Death Stranding Director’s Cut it will be possible to assist, and try, also improvements from the point of view of the gameplay and the game system. A combat system expanded, gods gadget and tools for new transport and many other content innovations, such as the races on the Fragile circuit (also visible in the trailer). No more chatter and let’s talk about the images of this final trailer:

What did you think of this trailer? Has it tickled your hype even more? And above all, do those who weren’t attracted to the first version of the game put more faith in this one? Let us know everything leaving a comment in the appropriate section below. We can say that we are very curious to discover and touch the points that have been modified and how much the same experience has been changed. To conclude, we invite you to take a look at the review of the first version of the title, which we enjoyed.

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