COD update: all the news of the internal Cold War patch

In this article you will find all the main innovations introduced with the small internal update of COD: Black Ops Cold War

It hasn’t been long since the long wait Season 3 of Cold War e Warzone, but apparently the news keeps coming. In fact recently Treyarch e Raven Software have made it available to all players a new internal mini-patch which adds some interesting content to Black Ops. If you are interested find out all the news introduced with this COD: Cold War update, all you have to do is keep reading this article.

Nothing too big

Compared to last patch, this time we don’t have big content additions, but only small changes. The main changes in this update mainly concern the available modes for COD: Black Ops Cold War, but there are also others interesting goodies. While not as flashy as the previous one, this patch still brought some news within the latest Call of Duty.

New in multiplayer – What’s new in COD update: Black Ops Cold War

Let’s start by talking about the news related to multiplayer of Cold War introduced with this small update:

  • Added CARV.2 tactical rifle
    • This tactical burst rifle is perfect for those who love to fight from medium to long range. The CARV. 2 boasts a very high bullet speed and damage that will allow you to eliminate even the most resistant enemies in seconds.
  • Additions Diesel e Yamantau the rotation of the maps available for the mode Hunting for objects
  • Players will now earn a whopping 100 points when they capture the final flag in battle mode
  • Added the playlist Party Games
  • Added the playlist Yamantau + Diesel 24/7

COD update: all the news of the internal Cold War patch

Zombies News – What’s new in COD update: Black Ops Cold War

This small update also added a couple of new features to COD: Cold War Zombies mode:

  • The description of the daily challenge Perk Preserver has been changed
  • Fixed several stability issues related to challenges in the map Firebase Z

COD update: all the news of the internal Cold War patch

Bug Fix – What’s new in COD update: Black Ops Cold War

Finally, as is always the case with every COD update, this time too they were fixed several bugs that plagued the game:

  • Fixed an issue with the weapon auto-aim Swiss K31 which manifested after using the Pack-a-Punch to power it up
  • Fixed a rare issue that interfered with proper zombie spawning in mode Outbreak
  • Improved the overall stability of the game
  • Fixed an issue that plagued the tracer strokes of some weapons

COD update: all the news of the internal Cold War patch

That’s all

This was the list of all the main COD: Black Ops Cold War news introduced with this small update. Overall there is nothing stunning, but many players will certainly appreciate it the addition of the lethal CARV. 2. Our article ends here, but if you really want to be the best in multiplayer, we suggest you take a look at the many dedicated guides on our site:

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