Comau shows the Mate-XT wearable exoskeleton at Italian Design Icons

Comau mostra l'esoscheletro indossabile Mate-XT ad Italian Design Icons thumbnail

On the occasion of the Italian Design Icons di Shangai, three days dedicated to Made in Italy design, Comau sported Mate-XT. It is a wearable exoskeleton that combines design and effectiveness. The company, a global leader in industrial automation, participated in the Shanghai event together with other important Italian companies such as Maserati, Ducati, Pirelli, Fincantieri and Ansaldo Breda.

Comau showed Mate-XT at the Shanghai IDI event

During the Shanghai IDI, Comau unveiled the new evolution of Mate-XT. The wearable exoskeleton made by Comau fully satisfies the specific needs of those who work in difficult conditions in an industrial, non-industrial or outdoor environment. The project is characterized by one thin structure made of carbon fiber and is equipped with a particular regulation system as well as a design resistant to water, dust, UV rays and even high temperatures. Mate-XT is also flexible and adaptable to different body types. Comau’s Mate-XT is able to replicate the physiological movements of the operator ensuring support for the upper body. There are 8 different levels of support available to the user

The company comment

Gaetano Cantalupo, Comau China Managing Director, on the occasion of the event he declared: “Developing an industrial machine or a robot means applying design to technology, and combining high technical performance with the effectiveness and pleasantness of the lines” Regarding the wearable exoskeleton, Cantalupo declares: “The design of the new MATE-XT exoskeleton is an example of how Comau has tried to combine captivating shapes with excellent technical capabilities, demonstrating how shape is always complementary to performance and can even improve the efficiency of the machine itself “.